27 Feb 2024

Regional Logistics Officer (RLO) at Chemonics International

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Job Description

TITLE: Regional Logistics Officer.
PROJECT: Ministry of Health/Global Fund Logistics Support Project.


• The Regional Logistic Officer will primarily provide technical support to the Regional Health Administration (RHAs) to implement supply chain prioritized interventions. The Officer will organize, coordinate, and facilitate the implementation of health commodities supply chain activities at the regional level in collaboration with GHS, MOH Headquarters, and Implementing Partners (IPs).

• The officer will specifically support the Regional Health Administration in: the implementation of the Ghana Integrated Logistics Management Information System (GhiLMIS), standardization and scale up of last mile distribution (LMD), inventory management of program commodities, gathering and analysis of logistics data to inform supply chain decisions at regional level, bi-monthly central level distribution, provision of targeted supportive supervision to lower level health facilities and, associated reporting requirements

Regional Logistics Support for GhiLMIS Related Activities

• On Boarding Data Validation and Onboarding on GhiLMIS Lite
• Support the GhiLMIS implementation team (SSDM-LMU, P&S, Regional GhiLMIS team and S4D) to onboard and train (virtual or through other means) of health professionals at CHPS level.

Inventory Management

• Work closely with RMS Managers and program coordinators at the regional level for effective inventory management of public health commodities. This include but not limited to:
• Support the regions in the requisitioning of program commodities from the central level through the GhiLMIS, for the following program areas: TB, HIV, Malaria, Family Planning, MNCH and any other program as may be determined.
• Support RMS’s to process facility orders in GhiLMIS that include essential medicines, program medicines and non-drug consumables supplied to SDPs through the last mile distribution (LMD) mechanism.
• In collaboration with the RMS team, review facility requisitions sent via the GhiLMIS to ensure that Program commodities have been ordered as expected.
• Work with RMS Managers/TH Medical Stores Managers to plan and execute cycle count for all commodities based on established schedule to improve the accuracy of the data in the system.
• Work with RMS Managers/TH Medical Stores Managers to conduct periodic data quality audit (GhiLMIS versus primary inventory data sources) and use results to improve data accuracy in GhiLMIS.

Generate Reports

• Work with the GhiLMIS implementation team to generate, analyze, and use various GhiLMIS reports to support operations and decision making by the RMS leadership, the regional supply chain coordinating committees, the LMU/SSDM, public health programs, and partners.
• Generate regional reports based on purchase order state status in GhiLMIS to follow up on facility with outstanding transaction including outstanding receipts to address them.
• Collaborate with GhiLMIS implementation team to support the Logistics Management Unit (SSDM-LMU) to generate monthly stock status reports leveraging GhiLMIS data in collaboration with partners to improve system utilization.
Promoting System Utilization
• Work with the GhiLMIS implementation team, especially S4D to provide remote regional support to facility level end-users to address issues reported on respective regional GhiLMIS collaborative platforms.
• Work with LMU and S4D to provide immediate support to users to ensure consistent response(s) to resolution of immediate needs, incidents and technical issues, service requests, status reporting and notification of changes related to GhiLMIS.
• Participate in supportive supervision exercises conducted by the respective RMS/THs to provide GhiLMIS end-users with on-the-job training to ensure system usability as well as provide functional support to addressing functional and visibility issues.
• Work with GhiLMIS implementation team to support RMSs/SDPs to optimize GhiLMIS use in transacting all commodity movement transactions to ensure adequate and timely data in the system.

Support Analytics

• Work with GhiLMIS implementation team to ensure system utilization by reviewing system usage reports and analytics to target support to low performing facilities and users to improve system use.

1b. Regional Logistics General Support

• Provide technical support (data analytic, presentation, facilitation etc.) to promote a functioning regional level supply chain coordinating committee and facilitate regular committee meetings and activities.
• Support and monitor the implementation of last mile distribution (LMD) in the region and provide technical assistance for the implementation of LMD standardized framework including the tasks associated with determining commodity volume as part of implementing LMD initiative.
• Provide supply chain management technical assistance to the RHA and RMS to support lower-level health systems strengthening initiatives through regular targeted supportive supervision to districts and service delivery points.
• support the RMSs and health facilities in the respective region to prepare and submit accurate and timely inventory and stock status reports including key recommendations to Programs (NACP, NMCP, FHD, TB) and identified regional and central level stakeholders utilizing GhiLMIS. Similarly, follow up with the Programs and central level authorities to provide feedback on submitted reports to the RMSs and appropriate health facilities with data from GhiLMIS.
• Participate in monitoring implementation of specific inventions by GHS and/or GHSC- PSM and other IPs including activities aimed at improving logistics management practices at lower levels

Ensure that the RHAs:

• are regularly engaged on logistics management issues.
• are involved in monitoring, supervision and capacity building activities.
• prioritize strengthening logistics management in their regional work plans and budgets.
• Participate in forecasting and supply planning, and procurement planning of health commodities.
• Any other duties assigned by the Supervisor.

Location: Accra

Method of Application

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Closing Date : 12th March, 2024

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