World Vision International Jobs in Ghana 2013

We have a World Vision for children – where every child
grows up healthy and strong, is cared for and protected and
has opportunities to flourish.

We have a World Vision for change– both on a global scale
and in the lives of individuals through powerful one-to-one

We have a World Vision for life– where we care for each
other in a world full of promise and free of poverty.

Through our work we see our vision becoming a reality for children every day:

  • In a sip of clean water – where once there was only dirty.
  • In a healthy child – in a community where sickness and death were once commonplace.
  • In a vibrant school lesson – in a village where schools didn’t exist.
  • In the smile of a child – who knows that their future overflows with promise.

Our Christian faith teaches us that every child, regardless of gender, faith or race, is a precious gift to the entire world – and that their wellbeing concerns us all. We shall never rest while children suffer in situations that we can change.

We bring life-saving support in times of disaster. We help poor communities to take charge of their futures. We provide small loans and training that boost family livelihoods. We work with policy makers to change the way the world works for children.

In a fast-changing, mixed up world we are a powerful force for good that you can be a part of.

  • We are 50,000 dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers.
  • We are 10 million committed supporters who know that we are changing children’s lives.
  • We are 100 million people in World Vision supported communities, working hard every day to build a better life for our children.

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