UT Bank Jobs in Ghana 2014

UT Financial Services South Africa is a joint venture company set up in South Africa between UT Holdings Ltd of Ghana and FABCOS in South Africa.

UT Bank Ghana Ltd (formerly UT Financial Services Ltd) commenced business as a Finance house in 1997 under the name Unique Trust Financial Services Ltd. It has evolved from a lending institution to a Universal Bank through the acquisition of the former UT Bank in June 2010 and was listed on the Ghana Stock exchange under the name UT Bank.

From humble beginnings as a privately owned company in Ghana, UT Financial Services Ltd became a publicly owned company in 2008 with shares listed and actively traded on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

Unique Trust Financial Services, the name at inception of the company, was changed to UT Financial Services in 2008 just before listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

With an annual turnover of GHS74 million (R333,000,000), over 600 staff and 26 branches in Ghana, UT Bank is one of the fastest growing indigenous banks in the country. The Bank has positioned itself as a lending bank that seeks to redefine banking in Ghana through fast, efficient and respectful delivery of service. The company has for the past decade committed itself to serving the needs of Ghanaian traders and businesses not normally catered for by the traditional banks. The desire of the founding members was to create an entity set apart by its nonpareil standards of integrity in its dealings with clients and shareholders.

These values and attitudes to SME lending were taken to Nigeria and now South Africa. With a base in Alexandra, Johannesburg, UT Financial Services South Africa supports the SME and business community across South Africa.

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