tiGO or Millicom Ghana Jobs in Ghana 2013

Millicom International Cellular (MIC) S.A., operators of Tigo, is a leading international developer and operator of cellular telephone services worldwide primarily in emerging markets operating across Latin America and Africa.

The company provides affordable, widely accessible and readily available cellular telephony services to more than 30 million customers in 13 emerging markets in these continents.
The success of Tigo is based on the triple ‘A’ business model which stands for Affordability, Accessibility and Availability. This guarantees that our subscribers experience the best services at the most affordable rates throughout our 10 regions of Ghana and beyond.

Our Vision
Our objective is to provide people in emerging markets the freedom to access today’s world. To make this happen we create ‘A world where mobile services are affordable, accessible and available everywhere and to all’.

Our Mission
We provide services for people who want to stay in touch, to belong to communities and to be informed and entertained, enabling them to express their emotions and enhance their lives. We deliver the 3 A’s, Affordability, Accessibility and Availability; providing affordable services, good coverage and ease of purchase AND use. We focus on consistently meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations and developing an inspirational brand.

Our Values
Integrity – Respect –Passion –
Performance is a matter of integrity, respect and passion…
Focusing on all three values together is essential to create sustainable success.
We treat the Company as if it is our own.

Head Office Address:
Millicom Place
Barnes Road
Accra – Ghana
Telephone: +233 27 7555888

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