Stanbic Bank Jobs in Ghana 2014

Stanbic Bank Ghana is a member of the Standard Bank Group, and is a fully fledged top tier bank. It began operations in 1999 and has since developed structures and strong pillars which have ensured the consistent growth of its business and brand in Ghana.

Since 2007, Stanbic Bank Ghana has expanded its branch network to almost every region in Ghana and now there are 23 branches across the country.

Stanbic Bank Ghana is a Tier One bank and the sixth largest bank in terms of assets. The bank was voted the top company in Ghana in 2009 in the prestigious Ghana Club 100 Company rankings (conducted by the Ghana Investment Promotion Council). It was also rated the leader in financial services, for two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009.

Stanbic Bank Ghana has two main business units; these are Personal and Business Banking (PBB), and Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB).

The Personal and Business Banking business unit provides retail services and takes care of the transactional and financial services needs of individuals, small and medium scale enterprises and other businesses. The department offers a wide range of products and services tailored to suit the specific needs of customers.

The Personal and Business Banking function is divided into the following:

  • The personal banking unit takes care of individual customers through the branch network and other service channels and provides quality financial services and products.
  • The business banking unit serves small and medium scale enterprises, commercial entities and provides quality financial solutions to assist customers to grow their businesses. The business banking unit offers products and services ranging from transactional to loan facilities and provision of advisory services to help start up business growth and to help existing ones to flourish.
  • The wealth unit forms the third pillar of PBB. It has a private banking unit dedicated to high net worth individuals and provides high quality banking services to corporate leaders and professionals.

The CIB team on the other hand focuses on the needs of corporate clients.

The unit’s capabilities stretch across a broad range of services and banking innovations including project financing, loan structuring for corporate institutions, trade financing, foreign exchange and treasury services, custodial services, investment banking, assets management and a brokerage service.

Stanbic Bank’s Global Market unit treasury offering and services is without compare in the market

The CIB team has a remarkable history in arranging significant deals and providing customised financial services to clients. Leveraging the network of the Standard Bank Group, the Corporate and Investment Banking team led the arrangement and syndication of a US$1.5 billion pre-financing deal for the Ghana Cocoa Board for the 2010-2011 cocoa season.

Corporate and Investment Banking has facilitated the financing of projects in oil and gas, power, soft commodities, infrastructure, and communications sectors among many others.

Stanbic Bank now has the capacity to take excellent care of the trading needs of clients on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) be they foreign institutional clients, local institutional investors, individuals or international retail investors. This is through the newly established Brokerage House which is part of the Stanbic Investment Management Services, a fully owned subsidiary,

Leveraging Standard Bank Group’s extensive operations in 18 African countries and 13 countries outside the continent, coupled with its deep local insights, we offer customers access to extensive opportunities and world-class banking anytime, across our network.

The Group recently cemented its connections with China, when the International Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) the world’s largest bank, acquired a 20% stake in the Standard Bank Group.

Responsible corporate citizenship is very much valued at Stanbic Bank Ghana. This is reflected in the Bank’s business principles and practices, and its community support policies and programmes. By focusing on education, health and entrepreneurship among others, the bank ensures that it remains environmentally, culturally and socially relevant.

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