National Investment Bank Jobs in Ghana 2014

Established in March 22, 1963, the National Investment Bank Ltd. was the first development bank in Ghana to promote and strengthen rapid industrialization in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy. NIB Ltd. now operates as a universal bank in focusing on development/commercial banking activities.

NIB Ltd. has undergone management, institutional and financial restructuring, which has strengthened the organization and now has 27 branches nationwide.

NIB Ltd. has in the past participated in foreign lines of credit, which were administered by Bank of Ghana to meet term loan and working capital needs of the Bank’s customers.

We are also one of the designated financial institutions, which sources funds from Export Development and Investment Fund (EDIF) for on lending to exporters as Term and Working capital loans.

The Bank was awarded the prestigious Euro Market Award in 1994 and recently won the 2003 Best Bank of the Year for Long Term Loan Financing.

We play a leading role in developing a number of highly successful industrial projects in Ghana, through equity and debt financing. Some of these are Nestle Ghana Ltd., Nexans Kabelmetal (Ghana) Ltd., Merchant Bank (Ghana) Ltd. and Total Ghana Ltd.

Products and Services

Apart from its development banking activities, NIB Ltd. also provides corporate and commercial banking facilities involving both domestic and foreign transactions at very competitive rates and on flexible terms. They include, Current and Savings Account, Call Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Loans and Advances, Personal Loans, Overdrafts, Western Union Money Transfer, Mobile Cash Management Services and Warehousing.

NIB Ltd. is networked nationwide and renders efficient banking services.

To ensure that our customers receive consistent and efficient services, highly trained personnel of the Bank attend to standard banking needs promptly. We also deliver quality service, tailored to meet requirements of customers.

At NIB, Your Business is our Business

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