Lubcon Ghana Ltd Jobs in Ghana 2013

Our Mission

To achieve the position of a leading company manufacturing high quality lubricants and allied products which meet the changing needs of its customers through the employment of highly trained personnel and the utilization of up to date technology while ensuring optimism return to its shareholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an energy company focused on sustainable development in any country we operate.


We appreciate the primordial and future importance of energy. Since 1991, Lubcon have been linked with energy through the manufacturing, lifting, distribution and sales of petroleum and allied products. With a robust and extensive network supply chain, Lubcon contributes to the well being of millions of citizens throughout West Africa.


Lubcon quality program means value to our customers and ensures excellence in the management of available resources. Both ISO 9001 and QC100 certification endorse our operational excellence. Lubcon promotes a solid safety culture and encourages training programs, establishment of information channels and participation in best practices. In addition, more than 75% of Lubcon work force is annually trained in one quality and safety program or other.


Our commitment to transparency is internationally recognized by clients and suppliers. Within the company, integrity, transparency and responsibility are essential principles. Our communication policies within and without insist on veracity, informative rigor and transparency.

Diverse Team of Talented professionals

Lubcon seeks people with commitment and talents therefore; Lubcon secures, motivates and retains the best professional, offering attractive workplace, and equal opportunity for professional development. Lubcon is gender friendly, and the best place on earth to excel.