Ghana National Gas Company Jobs in Ghana 2013

Maximize  Profitability
The company shall efficiently deploy its resources and capital to attain profitability and to generate surpluses that can be deployed for rapid development of the gas industry in Ghana.

Become an Established and Reliable Supplier of Natural Gas Products
As a pioneering company in the Ghanaian economy, the company will strive to establish itself as a reliable supplier by deploying the best technology and technical management methods to ensure availability of its resources to the service of Ghanaian industry.

Efficiently Meet Ghana’s Energy Demand
Ghana’s ability to continue to develop largely depends on the availability of low cost energy for powering industries; one of GNGC’s business functions is to augment the country’s hydroelectric power supply by providing natural gas to the thermal segment of the power industry.

Contribute to the Development of Ghana’s Economy
Through the production of natural gas liquids, the company is uniquely positioned to spawn the development of new petrochemical industries that will utilize its products as feedstock, and thereby expand Ghana’s economy.

Safety and Protection of the Environment
The company shall strive to use the strictest environmental strategies and safety methods to ensure that its business success is not negatively offset by degradation of the environment or undue risk to personnel. This will be attained through the development of a world-class safety culture that will be imbued in all the ranks of the corporate body and thus ensure the protection of life and the environment within which it operates.

Development of a World Class Workforce
The company will leverage Ghana’s traditional strength in academia to develop a highly trained and motivated world class workforce in short order, which will play a pivotal role in accelerating the development of Ghana’s economy. This will be achieved through the development and adaption of ambitious in-house training programs and the recruitment of experienced Ghanaian professionals to support the early growth phase of the company.