Energy Bank Jobs in Ghana 2014

At Energy Bank, we believe banking is all about creating satisfaction for the stakeholders, contributing to the growth of the national economy and impacting on the larger society by being a partner in the development process. We have crafted our Brand Driver  bearing these in mind which is- … “supporting your aspirations”. Whatever those aspirations are and so long they are legal and would bring about advancement to humanity, we shall be there to support you.

The attributes that guide our behaviour to deliver our brandare:


We are mindful of the fact that our people need courage to face the undaunting challenges that lay ahead of us in the competitive, ever changing world in which we operate with its diverse interwoven complexities; a world where the yesterday’s “too big to fail” are daily failing.


We believe sheer love for our work, for our customers and our society will enable us to achieve the impossible and keep us going as separate and one entity united in love for generations to come.


This singular ability borne out of knowledge enables us to see into tomorrow today such that positive action taken today would safeguard our tomorrow thus, a guaranteed continued corporate existence. With perception, we will create a ‘blue ocean’ that makes competition irrelevant