Barclays Bank Jobs in Ghana 2014

Barclays Ghana Community Sustainability ProgrammeAt Barclays Ghana, we refer to a three way win when it comes to our community investment. This is in line the community sustainability programme of the Barclays Group. The three areas are Banking on Brighter Futures, Charity Begins at Work, and Looking after local communities.

We thus aim:

  1. To make a real and positive impact on the communities in which we operate.
  2. To support our aspiration to become one of the most respected, trusted and admired universal global banks.
  3. To enhance Barclays brand and reputation and engage our stakeholders
  4. Increase colleague participation and facilitate skills development

“Make A Difference Day”, our flagship community event is the single largest community activity on the Barclays Calendar. The aim of Make a Difference Day is to encourage people to give their time, not their money, to get involved in volunteering and have an impact on the local community. It unites colleagues, customers and partners to support the communities in which we live and work with various activities and projects aimed at making a difference in their lives.

Below Is A Summary Of Key Sponsored Projects In Ghana
Barclays partnership with CARE and Plan in Ghana

Barclays and international development organisations CARE International (CARE) and Plan have launched Banking on Change in Ghana, a unique and pioneering microfinance initiative aiming to reach about 63,000 poor people, especially women in the Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Central, Greater Accra and Volta Regions. Close to 90% of the support will be channelled to the three Northern regions of the country. The three organisations have joined together in a three year, £10 million initiative, called Banking on Change, which is aimed at reaching over 500,000 people in ten countries across Africa, Asia and South America. The partnership’s focus is on improving the quality of life for poor people by extending and developing access to basic financial services via a savings-led community approach.

Barclays Ghana/Junior Achievement Partnership

Barclays Ghana extended an amount of US 30, 000 to Junior Achievement (JA) Ghana last year to deliver JA entrepreneurship and work-readiness education to local young people. The partnership termed Barclays/JA You can b Initiative is in line with Barclays Africa’s is partnering with Junior Achievement Worldwide to provide entrepreneurial opportunities, work readiness and financial literacy to young adults in Barclays centres across Africa. The three-year initiative includes innovative workshops and the expansion of JA programmes for selected second cycle schools across the country

Tari No.1 Solar Energy project – Barclays Bank Plc, through its Global Retail and Commercial Banking unit then, donated a grant of $75,000 towards the northern floods relief Programme. The amount, channeled through Red Cross Society and the Ministry of Health, was used to construct a clinic to cater for the health needs of nine communities in the affected area at Tari no.1 in northern Ghana. After its completion, staff of Barclays Ghana raised funds to purchase a solar energy system to power the clinic.

Afram Plains Development Organisation (ADPO) – This sustainability programme seeks to use solar energy as the main source of power to provide water for communities in the Afram Plains. Solar energy is economical for small rural communities. Barclays bank has supported ADPO to set up innovative sustainable water pump systems in rural areas. Adding solar energy to power the system is itself unique in the region and will hopefully be extended to other areas. We have been very satisfied with the impact of their work in rural area and have seen a remarkable reduction in water-related illnesses and a subsequent increase in school attendance by children who no longer have to travel long distances for water. This solar system will have an even greater impact because it is environmentally friendly. The project costs £20,000 and will reach over 1000 people in the first year.

Challenging Heights – Challenging Heights is a project that won the overall Barclays Chairman’s awards in 2006. The founder is an ex-Barclays colleague. Challenging Heights is one of the few projects that is tackling child slavery in Ghana. This falls under our youth development theme of banking on brighter futures. The project takes children affected by or engaged in child labour and slavery and provides them with education and vocational training. It has won awards for their positive impact on child slavery and the children’s future as a whole. The project costs £20,000 and will reach about 150 children directly while sensitising over 10,000 people across the region on the dangers and reality of child labour.

Ghana Education Project (GEP) – This project provides vocational skills training to children in rural areas. The interesting aspect of this project is the ‘contract’ they have with the children to provide a certain number of hours towards community service in return for the free training and educational trips undertaken and other benefits they derive by being part of the project. It costs £13,000 and 500 children will be on the programme in the first year. The NGO also has links with the Wild Life Division, British High Commission and SNV, the Netherlands Development Organisation.