26 Jan 2016

USAID Ghana Job Vacancy : Financial Analyst

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The U.S. Mission in Accra, Ghana is seeking an eligible, highly motivated and qualified individual for the position of Financial Analyst in the Regional Financial Management Office of USAID/West Africa.


This is one of six virtually identical positions located in the Financial Analysis Division, Regional Financial Management Office (RFMO) USAID/West Africa. The primary purpose of this position is to perform financial analysis and provide financial support advice to one or more of the Mission’s Technical Offices and Assistance Objective (AO) Teams and their Activities Managers. Functions as the Regional Controller’s representative assigned to the AO Teams’ activities and is empowered to conduct Controller functions in accordance with an approved OFM delegation of authority.

As a USAID employee, the incumbent carries responsibility to understand and incorporate the Agency’s five core values in all aspects of his/her work. These core values are; 1) Customer focus, 2) Results orientation, 3) Empowerment and accountability, 4) Teamwork and participation, and 5) Valuing Diversity.


A. Leads and coordinates the financial management function in the AO team to which assigned and in non- AO targets of opportunity activities. 20%

1. Provides technical guidance on USAID procedures and accounting control requirements to the AO Team, project, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and host government officials. Develops or reviews and critiques AO Team Activities including related budgets for both project and non-project assistance. Prepares the financial aspects of project design and implementation documents, such as budgets and financial plans for Project Implementing Letters (PILs), Grant Agreements, etc. Assists activity managers in development of appropriate payment procedures in accordance with project implementation requirements. Performs project financial analyses. Prepares financial accounting, reporting and budget control policies. Takes the lead in the AO Team’s review of implementing agencies’ work plans and procedures manuals.

2. Ensures the accuracy of the computerized accounting database through periodic review and update of data elements. Performs reviews of funds control and availability functions. Verifies accuracy of financial data and appropriateness of documentation present to support accounting entries and to support fulfillment of conditions precedent to disbursement. Reviews and takes appropriate action regarding accounts receivable. Maintains asset records.

3. Assists and serves as backup to the other Financial Analysts and performs their AO Team support duties when they are absent. For this purpose maintains a continuing awareness of the status of all projects and activities of all AOs.

B. Participates as a Senior CORE Team Member in all AO Activities. Acts as the AO Team Business and Financial Management Advisor. 20%

1. Leads or participates in Mission’s project implementation review (PIR) and Semi-Annual Review (SAR) sessions, Activity Committee (AC) meetings and other AO Team activities as appropriate.

2. Advises and assists the AO Team with Strategy and Program Development Functions. Identifies and conducts feasibility studies in order to leverage monetary and human resources within AO Team portfolio. Provides counsel and advice to the Mission Director, Regional Controller, and AO Team Leader in regards to targets of opportunity for AO Team cross-fertilization between Mission Program sectors, Implementers and Host Government Counterparts, and the Donor Community at large.

3. Provides quality assurance control in developing realistic and measurable benchmarks and indicators at the AO Team level. Leads the AO Team in conducting joint reviews of interim implementer performance and measurement of results. Under the Regional Controller’s direction conducts a Mission Annual evaluation of the validity of AO Team Benchmarks and achievements against performance indicators. Assists AO Team management with reviewing results of the annual assessment and initiating corrective actions to ensure verification of data quality for the three year Mission program review assessment conducted by the Inspector General’s Office.

C. Performs financial reviews and analyses 20%

1. Assesses prospective grantee’s/contractor’s and Host Government administrative and institutional capabilities to implement programs. Determines appropriateness and effectiveness of recipient’s operations, procedures and cash management practices. Provides an opinion on the confidence to be placed on the recipient’s internal controls and offers advice to management on weaknesses and possible solutions to identified problems.

2. Provides input to project work plans, expenditure plans and budgets. Monitors the financial and accounting performance of grantees, contractors and the Host Government ensuring that implementation plans and procedures manual are being complied with and that appropriate corrective measures are taken in a timely manner. Provides assistance and advice to contractors, grantees and Host Government Counterparts in the maintenance of records and general financial discipline requirements of USG and International Standards.

3. Reviews the performance of implementing agencies and prepares site visit reports to detail findings and recommendations. Tracks and follows up on implementation of recommendations. Serves as liaison between assigned AO and the assigned voucher examiner. Conducts specific field visits to resolve any discrepancies or other problems and advises voucher examiner on correct course of action.

D. Serves as audit control officer for designated AOs. Implements and maintains the Audit Management Program for the AO Teams. Identifies and controls the AO Team related audit inventory. Coordinates the audit contracting process for the AO Team to include reviewing and clearing of audit scopes of work. Serves as AO Team audit liaison for ongoing audits. Monitors reports on and closes AO Team related audit recommendations. Reviews audit report findings and coordinates with other offices to ensure adequacy and appropriateness of follow-up regarding the Mission actions on audit reports. Assists other Financial Analysts in carrying out their audit responsibilities. 10%

E. Perform continuous and specific quarterly 1,311 reviews for AO Team activities to fully support outstanding Commitments, Obligations, Sub-Commitments and Sub-Obligations to provide support for the Financial Management Advisor’s (Regional Controller’s or Deputy Controller’s) 1,311 Certification. Presents completed package to the Financial Management Advisor for approval and filing. Performs the quarterly project accounting analyses and participates with the AO Team and Activities Teams in development of accrual estimates. Identifies and recommends adjusting entries to the accounts to bring the project/program pipelines into accurate levels. Reviews liquidation vouchers. Investigates any variances between projections and actual disbursements and provides the results to Activity Managers. 10%

F. Leads all SO Team program efforts and provides guidance in the areas of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption efforts with Host Government Programs. Conducts AO Team performance reviews and evaluations of Host Government programs in all Ministries. Provides advice and counsel to strengthen Supreme Audit Institution effectiveness. Provides oversight and advice in non-traditional development assistance areas including PL 480, Commodity and Cash Transfer programs including magnetization and local currency programs. Actively provides guidance and oversight of interagency programs such as Democracy and Human Rights Fund (DHRF) and Special Self Help (SSH) initiatives. 10%

G. Coordinates implementation of the Management Control Program to conduct the AO Team’s annual Internal Control Assessment. Identifies the appropriate accountability units and operating environment with the AO Team. Conducts or leads in the assessment of risks, development of control techniques, and review of management controls and ensures compliance with reporting requirements. Participates in Management Control Review Committee meetings to provide updates on outstanding recommendations and on the status of audits. 5%

H. Performs and Reviews registration of Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) and submits necessary documents to USAID/Washington. Reviews and updates information posted on USAID Web page. Serves as backup for the other Financial Analysts and in their absence performs duties and responsibilities of that position. Performs other miscellaneous related duties as assigned. 5%

Incorporates the Five Core Values into his/her Work

•   Customer Focus: Identifies and communicates with USAID customers regularly; surveys their interests, needs and recommendations; follows up on communications and information received from and about the customers. Ensures that customers’ needs and thinking are included in all activities undertaken and that, where possible, customers are involved in key decisions. Surveys customer satisfaction periodically and serves as a knowledgeable advocate for customer service with other USAID employees and partners.

•   Results Orientation: Reviews baseline information against which to plan actions and identify targets and milestones. Define specific operational and program results needed for his/her area of responsibility. Puts strategic plan in place and use it as a framework for decisions. Reviews progress against targets and milestones regularly; takes needed action to modify plans when necessary and to maintain actions to accomplish the desired results within the time frame planned when possible. Serve as a knowledgeable advocate for the results orientation with other USAID employees and partners.

•   Empowerment and Accountability: Emphasizes results rather than oversight, and service outreach rather than internal control, in carrying out her responsibilities. Is clear about his/her own performance standards. Participate in defining objectives, reviewing performance, and upholding accountability for the accomplishment of the objectives.

•   Teamwork and Participation: Contributes to strategic planning, performance monitoring, and major program decisions of the SO team. Demonstrate ownership of the teams’ plans, performance, and decisions. Proactively participates in team processes and activities. Includes other team members, customers and partners and assists in their understanding and participation in teamwork and the team’s goals, performance, and decisions. Assume responsibility for specific results assigned by the team.

•   Valuing Diversity: Understands and respects the various work groups and team members without stereotyping. Understands and respects the role of customers and partners. Realize the synergy and benefits of differing backgrounds and skills to accomplish our strategic goals. Uses the synergy of core and extended teams to plan and works together to achieve results while accepting accountability for his/her own actions.

Qualification Required & Experience

Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

•   EDUCATION: A University degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration is required.
•   EXPERIENCE: Five years of progressively responsible experience in professional accounting,
auditing, or financially oriented business management.
•   LANGUAGE: Level IV English (fluency – written and oral) is required. (Language proficiency will be
•   SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to analyze data, narrative reports, internal control flowcharts, etc., to permit detection of strengths and weaknesses of projects & make independent judgments of institution’s financial capability for the purposes of discussions concerning program project implementation and audit recommendations. Must be able to compile and present detailed financial and related information in a concise and fully professional manner. Must be skilled in the use of computer based analytical programs and USG data management systems to use in his/her performance and supervision of the financial analyst staff. (Computer skills will be tested).
•   JOB KNOWLEDGE: Excellent interpersonal skills and analytical skills are required. Ability to conduct an effective interview is required. Excellent organizational skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees and supervisors are required. Job holder must be willing to travel occasionally outside the country.

Salary: (GH¢ 68,933.00 – GH¢ 103,407.00 p.a.) depending on qualification and experience.

Location: Accra

How to Apply

Applicants must submit a signed cover letter, relevant certificates and CV with references to: Regional Executive Office USAID/West Africa P.O. Box 1630, Accra Or by Email to: [email protected] Closing Date: 02 February, 2016 Note: When submitting your application via email, start the subject line with the position title. Failure to state this and submit signed letter with relevant documents will disqualify applicant. NOTE: ALL U.S. AND NON-GHANAIAN CITIZENS, WHO ARE NOT FAMILY MEMBERS OF USG EMPLOYEES OFFICIALLY ASSIGNED TO POST AND UNDER CHIEF OF MISSION AUTHORITY, MUST ATTACH COPIES OF THE REQUIRED WORK AND/OR RESIDENCY PERMITS TO THEIR APPLICATIONS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION. NO RELOCATION EXPENSES ARE PROVIDED TO THE JOB LOCATION: ACCRA, GHANA. IF TRANSPORTATION TO ACCRA IS REQUIRED, IT WILL BE THE EMPLOYEE’S RESPONSIBILITY.

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