10 Mar 2021

Law Enforcement Specialist x2 at International Justice Mission (IJM)

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Job Description

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a fast growing international organization working to protect some of the most vulnerable and oppressed people from violent forces of injustice by securing rescue and restoration for victims and ensuring public justice systems work for the poor. IJM is seeking a law enforcement specialist who will be responsible for conducting and monitoring human trafficking investigations with Ghana Police and securing reliable, timely and actionable information concerning victims and perpetrators of criminal activity within the project area. There are two positions open, one is based in Accra, the other in Tamale. Both positions require frequent travel.


• Investigate matters of human trafficking on Volta Lake;
• Conduct collaborative and independent surveillance to locate victims and suspects;
• Recruit and maintain a network of operatives and informants who provide reliable, timely and actionable information regarding cases of forced labor trafficking on the lake;
• Assist investigation team in strategizing human trafficking investigations;
• Write detailed, daily investigative reports;
• Assist in the planning of rescue and arrest operations;
• Train police partners on international best standards
• Assist IJM in building relationships of mutual trust and benefit with Ghana Police officials and non-government actors;
• Assist in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategies and best practices for effective IJM-assisted investigations and interventions on behalf of victims;
• Serve, if necessary, as a witness within criminal court;
• Comply with all IJM, government, and donor requirements;
• Work with the IJM legal team to ensure successful prosecutions in court;
• Carry out additional assignments as required by the Director of Investigations, Country Director or his/her designee.

Qualification Required & Experience

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university preferred but not required;
• Minimum 3 years employment with the Ghana Police Service or similar law enforcement entity;
• Fluency and professionalism in oral and written communication in English as well as Ada, Ewe or Krobo;
• Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office applications preferred but not required; and
• No criminal record.

Critical Qualities

• Mature orthodox Christian faith as defined by the Apostles’ Creed;
• Willingness to work under potentially hazardous conditions;
• Meticulous attention to detail;
• Disciplined with priorities;
• Patient and able to work well under stress;
• Excellent interpersonal skills, personable, with a heart for service and sustained positive attitude;
• Punctual; manages time and resources effectively;
• Diplomatic, flexible, and mature in judgment;
• Effective team player and leader; and
• Evident passion to help people suffering injustice and oppression.

Location: Accra & Tamale

How To Apply For The Job

Send Cover Letter, Resume, & Statement of Faith* By E-mail:

[email protected]

*What is a statement of faith?

A statement of faith should describe your Christian faith and how you see it as relevant to your involvement with IJM. The statement can either be incorporated into the cover letter or submitted as a separate document and should include, at a minimum, a description of your spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, etc.) and your current fellowship or place of worship.

Closing Date: 08 April, 2021

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