5 Mar 2020

Administration and Finance Assistant at Reputable International Organization

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The Permanent Secretariat is established within the Joint Management Committee (JMC) of the Joint Border Post (JBP) for assisting the JMC in its role of determining the administrative measures necessary to control the establishment and the proper functioning of the JBP, and to resolve any difficulties that may result. The JMC establishes bilateral Subcommittees composed of officers and involving private operators from the adjoining States directly involved in border controls.

The Permanent Secretariat is staffed by a Permanent Administrator, an Administrative & Financial Assistant and an Interpreter-Translator.


The Administrative and Financial Assistant provides the Permanent Secretariat with expertise in the areas of secretariat, administration, finance, human resources and logistics to facilitate and support the activities of the JMC of the JBP. It contributes to the functioning of the Permanent Secretariat by organizing the secretariat of the institution as well as the administrative work, accounting, human resource management and the necessary logistical support to the activities of the JMC and its Subcommittees.


Under the supervision of the Permanent Administrator, the Administrative and Financial Assistant performs the following tasks:

  1. Welcome, inform and guide visitors and guests to the Permanent Secretariat;
  2. Answer telephone calls received at the Permanent Secretariat, take messages or direct calls to the appropriate staff members;
  3. Keep the agenda of the Permanent Administrator and schedule appointments, meetings and other professional events in which the Permanent Secretariat participates;
  4. Assist the Permanent Administrator in servicing the meetings, workshops, visits and other events of the JMC and its Subcommittees;
  5. Attend meetings, take notes and prepare minutes of the meeting;
  6. Prepare basic documentation, room and logistics for the meeting (agenda file, refreshments, coffee break, participants’ meals, office supplies, projector, sound system and interpretation equipment, etc.);
  7. Sort, review, record and distribute incoming and outgoing mails to the appropriate recipients;
  8. Draft and submit for signature to the Permanent Administrator the requested draft answers;
  9. Keep in good order mails and documents processed and make sure that database backup is secure.
  10. Examine outgoing mails to check accuracy and completeness and ensure that the appropriate documents are attached;
  11. Prepare and submit to the Permanent Administrator memos and reports for internal or external distribution;
  12. Make travel and hotel bookings for missions and prepare possibly travel expense reports;
  13. Establish and maintain electronic and paper databases and filing systems;
  14. Search and compile the requested documentation from the databases;
  15. Perform all other secretarial duties required by the supervisor as necessary for the proper functioning of the Permanent Secretariat or for support to the activities of the JMC and its Subcommittees.


  1. Assist the supervisor in the human resources management of the Permanent Secretariat and maintain staff records.
  2. Treat Salaries and Benefits on a monthly basis.
  3. Maintain inventory of equipment and stock of supplies.
  4. Manage supplies and services.
  5. Regularly check the level of consumption to plan the necessary orders;
  6. Perform all other administrative duties required by the supervisor as necessary for the proper functioning of the Permanent Secretariat or for supporting the activities of the JMC.


  1. Assist the supervisor in developing a work plan, formulating resource requirements and preparing the annual budget.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the budget and assist in the preparation of implementation reports.
  3. Ensure the custody of bank account check books and verify all bank payments to ensure that the supporting documents that accompany them are complete and accurate.
  4. Reconcile, at the latest at the end of each month, the bank accounts with the bank statements, the cash accounts with the cash statements to ensure that the balances are correct.
  5. Keep and manage the petty cash funds.
  6. Ensure that cash statements are made daily and that reports are properly filed and verified to facilitate unannounced checks.
  7. Maintain and update the financial records of the Permanent Secretariat.
  8. Maintain files and records of suppliers and service providers.
  9. Write and submit to the supervisor’s signature all mails related to financial and administrative matters.
  10. Prepare financial reports and account certification.
  11. Advise the line manager on the arrangements to be made to ensure sound financial management.
  12. Prepare financial statements and audit files; take appropriate action in response to audit recommendations.
  13. Perform any other financial duties required by the supervisor as necessary for the proper functioning of the Permanent Secretariat or for the support of the activities of the JMC.


  1. Be familiar with the general office procedures, master the usual word processing software (Ms Office) and have a good capacity of use of the office equipment (telephone, photocopiers, scanners, etc.
  2. Good knowledge of the financial rules.
  3. Good knowledge and ability to identify, extract, interpret, analyze, and arrange information related to various budgetary, financial and treasury operations.
  4. Have the ability to identify and resolve the lack of consistency between data and operational issues.
  5. Have excellent computer skills: Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and accounting software at least.


  1. Preserve the confidentiality of personal data and any sensitive information received during the service;
  2. Have good planning and organization skills;
  3. Have good communication and good negotiation skills;
  4. Demonstrate professional competence and mastery of administrative and financial matters;
  5. Be perseverant in the face of difficulties and keep calm in stressful situations;
  6. Be courteous and helpful; 7. Have good moral integrity.


  1. Bachelor level degree in Accounting, Business Management, Management Secretariat or equivalent training;
  2. Have at least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the profession of Executive Secretary, in financial, budgetary, accounting or administrative organisations, or in a related field.

Employer: Permanent Secretariat of the Joint Management Committee of the [Noepe-Akanu/ Seme-Krake] Joint Border Post

Supervisor: Permanent Administrator

Job station: [Noepe in the Togolese Republic] [ Seme in the Republic of Benin]

      Method of Application

If you are interested in this position please send your CV and Cover Letter (not more than 2 page) under the heading: Administrative & Financial Assistant - JBP to [email protected].



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