Yahweh’s Foundations Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   Yahweh’s Foundations
Website :   http://www.YahwehsFoundations.org
Address :   `
Location :   Koforidua
Region :   Eastern
Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   xxx-xxx-xxxx
Fax :


Yahweh’s Foundations is a group of young people committed to the Kingdom and the business of the Kingdom. We are not a church or a sect, but a group of inter-national and inter-denominational Bible believing and Bible adhering Christians. We believe and understand that: We are to be an exact replica of Christ. Practicing daily Bible reading, prayer and reaching out in all ways is a call to all – that includes you. EVERYONE, including you, is entitled to an opportunity to decide whether or not to live for God. This choice determines where you will spend eternity. We are not accidents, and that we have to work to prevent ourselves from becoming accidents through every permissible and beneficial way that does not contradict the ways of God. There is the need to discover one’s purpose in life – why we were the ones born at such a time as we were. The world is ours to posses and manipulate. We have been blessed and will be blessed in order that we might be a blessing to the world. Everyone is entitled to a good home, a good education, a good health, and a good environment to live in – a land of opportunity, promise and hope. This is the life we are introducing you to – it is not rosy all through, but it is a sure investment on a good foundation for the heaven YOU decide whether or not to be a part of – you don’t get many shots at this, unfortunately!
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