TANOE – The African Network of Entrepreneurs Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   TANOE – The African Network of Entrepreneurs
Website :   http://www.tanoe.org
Address :   P. O. Box 10887, Accra-North
Location :
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Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   +233-244-512528
Fax :   +233-030 2-243073


About TANOE The African Network Of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) is a limited by guarantee organization that seeks among other things to assist African entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses. TANOE serves as a hub of hope for entrepreneurs who desire to live their dreams and are passionate about gaining the requisite knowledge to better position them to move ahead of their competitors and fulfill their ambition of building a sustainable business. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Our initiatives and programs are focused on building a strong entrepreneurial environment enabling entrepreneurs to access needed resources and relevant information to polish their ideas, build their businesses and accelerate their business growth. With a committed team of advisors, partners, affiliates and service providers, we are better positioned to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in Ghana and indeed the rest of Africa coupled with appropriate and relevant Training, Constant Motivation and Adequate Financing. Our passion stems from our ultimate aim of eradicating poverty and promoting economic growth through the immense development of the private sector which we believe derives its strength from the active patronage of entrepreneurs. Our OBJECTIVES * To Enhance the entrepreneurial skills & capacities of entrepreneurs * To Promote an entrepreneurial culture through advocacies and forums * To Provide enterprise development information and capacity building resources to Micro, Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) * To alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship development * To provide accounting and managerial support to MSMEs