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SCYAR is a not-for-profit social service agency here to help when children and young people experience problems with their behaviours, emotions, social relationships and school progress. Are you are faced with an adolescent whose behaviour is defiant, aggressive, withdrawn, lacks self confidence, experiences problems at school or home. Is your adolescent child out of control and you do not know why a youngster with a promising future is throwing away everything he/she has been given? It is difficult to understand, but you see that this process is progressive. The most saddening part is knowing that your child is ruining his or her future and of cause, making you feel/look like a failure as a parent. Your own pain is difficult but your pain for your child is unbearable. This no longer need be the case; professional help is here at the Specialist Centre for Youth Assessment and Research (SCYAR). For assistance or further information, please contact us on: Telephone: 0244974415 Or visit our Website: