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Company Name :   Schools In Ghana Foundation
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Address :   P.O. Box OS 2452, Osu Accra.
Location :   Osu
Region :   Greater Accra
Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   0244645702
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Schools In Ghana Foundation provides free Web pages with detailed information about schools or educational institutions found in Ghana. Information used in designing the Web pages are extracted from completed questionnaires submitted by authorities of the schools concerned, either through the mail or through an online form. When details provided through the questionnaires are found to be complete and accurate, Web pages are designed to reflect that on our Web site. Schools In Ghana foundation also has experts who train and help people to improve on their skills and undertake research in IT/ICT related solutions. Furthermore, Schools In Ghana Foundation has the manpower and resources to coordinate between donors of IT/ICT equipments and other educational materials and the recipients of such items. Questionnaires can be printed from this website, completed or have it completed by a school or institution authority and sent to us via mail.Our mailing address: The Director, Schools In Ghana Foundation, P.O.BOX OS 2452, Osu-Accra The online version of the questionnaire will be made available soon.
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