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We are Developmental and Environmental Organization and our doors are open for collaboration and affiliations with local and foreign individual or organization. Below are our objectives. Thank you: KEY PERSONNEL AND DECLARATION OF ORGANIZATION’s STRUCTURE INFORMATION: The Organization called NUBIANS RENEWAL ORGANISATION (NRO) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O.), with registration No. G.22,501, D.S.W./4328 and 0000023 from the Registrar General Department, Department of Social Welfare and Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly (UMKDA) of the Eastern Region of Ghana in West Africa. NRO aims and objectives are very responsive in Educating the Illiterate and the Literate in the area of Creativities on Environmental and Developmental issues. As a committed Organization, NRO help Brothers and Sisters in our Communities by Creating Jobs and Infrastructures to Reduce Poverty, Unemployment, Prostitution and Robbery from our Communities., Email: [email protected] NAME: The name shall be called ‘NUBIANS RENEWAL ORGANISATION‘ herein after referred to in this Profile as ‘Organization’. STATUS: The Organization is non-governmental and non-political Organization as established by the Government of Ghana and any other area or place in the World. The Head Office shall be in Greater Accra Region of Ghana in West Africa . MOTTO: The MOTTO of the Organization is ‘THE BETTER WAY FOR BETTER LIFE’ SLOGAN: The SLOGAN of the Organization shall be: TheNubians and the response shall be, Sustainable Developers. THENUBIANS MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT: MISSION STATEMENT THE NUBIANS RENEWAL ORGANISATION WAS ESTABLISHED TO RENEW THE LOST GLORY OF AFRICA CIVILAZATION WHICH PREACHES LOVE, HARDWORK AND PEACEFUL NEIGHBORLINESS, SO WITH LOVE AND DEDICATION WE ARE ORGANISING THE HUMAN AND NATURAL RESOURCES OF THE WORLD TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN ON SUSTAINABLE MANNER AND ABUNDANTLY. VISION STATEMENT OUR VISION IS TO SEE, EVER GREEN ENVIRONMENT, HAPPY CHILDREN AND COMMUNITIES WHICH CAN FEED THEMSELVES AND WELL EDUCATED AND SELF RELIANT, ANY WHERE WE OPERATE. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The Aims and Objectives of the Organization shall be: • To Provide Health, HIV/AID, Reproductive Programmes • To Research and Promote Safer uses of Plant and Herbal Medicine and Environmental Management. • To Provide Good Drinking Water and Relief Items to Communities • To Provide Youth Training Programmes for Disable and Unskilled Youths • To Promote the Activities of the UN, AU, and ECOWAS WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING AS OUR TARGETS AND GOALS: 1) HUMAN RIGHT ABUSES: a) Caring for element of street child, child labour and oppressed in society. b) The right of the ignorant and the poor in society will be care for with Legal Aid. 2) HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT: a) Women empowerment programmes. b) Unskilled youth training. Micro enterprise promotion / credit scheme programmes. c) Programmes for the Aged and Disable in society. d) Sensitization and Animation programmes. 3) EDUCATION, INFORMATION AND RESEARCH: a) Girl child education / Scholarship programmes. b) Literacy programmes: He or she should organized the classes and also trained them in income generation activities c Participatory approaches to teaching and learning techniques (Study Tech.) programmes. d) Provision of Libraries and distribution of books and educational materials etc. 4) DISASTER RELIEFS AND MANAGEMENT: a) To train community folks in how to prevent or minimize disasters and how to rescuer life and properties in time of natural and artificial disasters. b) Distribution of relief items. 5) CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES: a) Exploration and preserving natural and traditional history and artifacts of the people of our area of operations. b) Promote good traditional beliefs, religions, dance, dress code, music, food, crops, way of life and languages etc of the people in our operation areas. c) Help modernized and promote their traditional religions and festival if applicable. 6) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INTIATIVES: a) Promote Building, Education, Research, Information and Communication infrastructures for communities. b) To encourage the establishment of self initiated projects and the maintenance of community infrastructures that can enhance the socio economical standards of the people and also promotes small scale business and entrepreneurship. c) To ensure a complete community participation in developments in all areas of the organisation operations. d) To introduce rural development initiatives, support and complement the efforts being made by the people, Non-Governmental Organisations (N.G.O’s.), Religions bodies, Institutions and the Government in our area of operations. e) Help provide safe mains of transport / river transports and communication network for communities in need when applicable. f) To promote and undertake voluntary services. 7) WATER AND SANITATION: a) NRO is to promote rural water development and supply, couple with hygienic water and sanitation management programmes etc. b) See to effective maintenance of all water and sanitation systems. 8) ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: a) To promote Forest resources protections, development and general environmental protection programmes. b) Agro Forestry programmes. c) Anti-bush fire and pollution programmes etc. d) Liquid and solid waste management. e) Protection of river and water bodies including the sea programmes. 9) ENERGY AND WASTE MANAGEMENT: a) Education on careful uses of scarce Energy resources and conservation. b) Research into Environmental friendly energy generation and utilization. c) Introduction of renewable energy such as wind, photovoltaic (solar) energy, small scale hydropower, biomass and biogas (Anaerobic Technology). d) Economic uses of Liquid and Solid waste for Agriculture and Industrial purposes programmes. 10) HEALTH AND REPRODUCTIVE PROGRAMMES: a) Education on communicable diseases etc programmes. b) General health education programmes. c) H.I.V. / A.I.D.S. awareness programmes. d) Herbal plants medicine research and promotions. e) Family planning / female reproductive health programmes. f) Sexually transmitting disease prevention programmes. g) Community mutual health insurance scheme promotion.
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