Lifeline Charity Organisation Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   Lifeline Charity Organisation
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Address :   CPK 176/1 Walantu
  Kasoa, central region
Location :   Kasoa
Region :   Central
Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   +233272655236
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Lifeline charity organization is an international organization with a matchless passion and non-such vision to help the third world countries. We are set and equipped to help the suffering people: spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and in all aspects of life. Lifeline organization operates on a platform that cares for everybody. Our vision is to build a Happy and Fulfilling people from a dying generation. Lifeline charity organization gives: free education to children, scholarship of different forms, provide educational materials for schools, help in the construction and renovation of school amenities, give out clothes, foods, drugs, computers, train people to be self-employed mostly the youth. Lifeline foundation also has “the Aged Care”. With this, the aged ones are care for mostly those abandoned by their families and relatives. We care for the widow and the orphans are one of our major audience. Lifeline charity organization also has various departments that carry out research and support researches. We have a department that focus on health issues mostly on children and women. As much as we care about the emotional, financial and physical state of people, we also care about the spiritual being also. Through Heralds on Mission, we meet the spiritual needs of people. Heralds on mission have established various worship centres in villages. Heralds on mission are well noted for their undiluted gospel and effective community development in villages and abandoned areas.