Gyawanunu Cashew Farmers & Processors Association Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   Gyawanunu Cashew Farmers & Processors Association
Website :   none
Address :   P. O. Box SP 115
Location :   Sampa
Region :   Brong Ahafo
Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   +233206164948
Fax :


GYAWANUNU Cashew Farmers & Processors’ Association is a membership organisation for all Cashew farmers; Cashew producers, processors, marketers, researchers and consumers currently targeting Jamman South and Jamman North Districts of the Brong Ahafo region, with the aim to contribute to economic growth & poverty reduction in Ghana by increasing Cashew farming and Cashew processing incomes & driving growth & expansion in the Ghanaian Cashew food sector. It is open to both new and existing members both nationally and internationally aiming greatly at women. 2) The purpose of the organization is to: … – To advocate and build farmers capacity on agribusiness, entrepreneurial skills and market oriented agricultural practices – Provide good quality Cashew – To promote and expand access to information and services among rural communities – Maintain and expand our members’ cashew farms – Access sustained and reliable market through quality product – Increase production and increase members’ income level and improve livelihood – Access funds to support our children’s education – Reduce the level of Poverty in the area – Improve Economic Status of the people in the Jaman North & South Districts 3) The primary activities, services, or product the organization provides includes: – Cashew Cultivation – Cashew processing – Cashew Drinks and Other – Confectionery Making – Animal Feed Making THE ASSOCIATION IS SEEKING PARTNERSHIP
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