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Concerned over/about the suffering on the continent of Africa, a group of young journalists from both the Print and the Electronic media in Sunyani in 2003 founded AFRIMA to help address the woes of the continent which has made life very miserable and unbearable for Africans, especially children, women and the youth. African Media Aid (AFRIMA) is a registered non-profit, non-political and non-governmental media organization aimed at helping to create a “vibrant media” in Africa and use it to bail out underdeveloped and underserved communities by becoming voice for the voiceless, soliciting and linking the needed but unavailable resources in various dimensions in pursuance of sustainable development. AFRIMA is of the view that development can only take place when there are social justices, peace, respect for human rights as well as the needed resources are available and the necessary skills and techniques applied at the right time, the live in Africa can be improved. It is based on this rationale that like-minded volunteers who are Journalists in Brong Ahafo have pooled their little resources together to promote this praiseworthy cause. AFRIMA exist as an advocacy, research and capacity building as well as service provider organization which helps to identity range of resources from far and near to bridge the development gap between the “HAVES” and “HAVE NOTS” for socio-economic development and social justice. Realizing the deprived nature of the Africa continent, concerned individuals have pooled their resources in all forms to promote development. It is out of this that the group decided to register legally to enable them to received government and social recognition or support. The aim of the organization is achieved through public education, advocacy, research, capacity building as well as other socio-economic activities. -MISSION STATEMENT- African Media Aid exist as a media organization helping to create a “vibrant , dynamic and smart media” in Africa to fight corruption and seek social justice as well as ensuring sustainable development through promotion of the MDGs, peace, democratic governance, human rights, youth development and ensuring free flow of information, while stressing the need for the provision of quality education and health care. –VISION– Our vision is to help in transforming Ghana and for that matter Africa from its present state of economic enslavement, extreme poverty, hunger, human right abuse, corruption, wars, child labour & trafficking and conflicts, among others to become a place to live in peace, comfort and satisfaction through building of a vibrant media by playing the role of a change agent —