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Company Name :   Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA)
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Address :   P. O. Box TF 113
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Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   +233-24-431-8288,+233-302-782 531
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GREDA is an Association of Real Estate Developers established under the Laws of Ghana (Company Code, Act 179, of 1963) as a Private Company limited by guarantee. * To provide a central organisation for real estate developers. * To provide a united front in making recommendations to government on ways of promoting real estate development and in seeking solutions to the practical problems in the property market. * To promote the development of residential estates and to increase the stock of housing units thereby ensuring adequate provision of affordable housing for all classes of the population. * To pool resources together towards greater economies of scale in real estate development and also ensure that products of members conform to national building standards and planning laws. * In the spirit of the search for appropriate technology, the Association shall promote the use of local inputs and finance research into suitability of local building materials in the country. * To liaise with financial institutions in developing an effective mortgage house ownership scheme for prospective owners and also impress on the institutions the need for long-term financing in real estate development. * To establish links with real estate institutions and allied bodies at home and abroad with the aim of promoting the development of the industry.