Evergreen Landscaping and Gardening Ltd Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   Evergreen Landscaping and Gardening Ltd
Website :   www.evergreen-gardening.com
Address :   P.O.BOX SD 235 Accra-Ghana
Location :
Region :   Greater Accra
Email :   evergreenlandscaping2009@gmail.com
Phone :   0242-568148/ 0245-475676/ 0244-134399
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EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING AND GARDENING has over 5 years industry experience and also affiliates with the number one government landscaping and gardening department, which is (DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND GARDENS). We aim at fulfilling all the landscaping needs of our customers, from small everyday maintenance tasks to more comprehensive and in-depth undertakings. We understand the synergies between the various elements, including individual interest that come into play in creating a livable, beautiful environment that is a client\\\’s green space. We believe in an uncompromising commitment to quality workmanship and service. We employ good people, follow the highest standards, use the best supplies and deliver on our promises. Gardens today are an attractive and purposeful attraction to our homes and offices. We believe that at the end of the day your garden MUST be tailored towards your specific needs, with flow and design combining as one-to create a unique garden for you with its own personality. The EVERGREEN landscaping division offers you a complete garden landscape design and layout service. We are proud to boast that our landscapers are trained, qualified and experienced. They take great care in the artistic creation of your garden and will settle for nothing less than absolute elegance. Only the highest quality plants are sourced, supplied and delivered from selected growers across the country. Our aim is to create a natural escape for you-a man made ecosystem blending art and science to create a landscape of lasting beauty and value for money. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark and we also take great care of the customer\\\’s property as if it is ours. Why don\\\’t you rather deal with a professional landscaping company instead wanting to deal with unprofessional or street gardeners that would end up giving a bad look to your expensive building that cost lots of money to put it up… Our Services include: DESIGNING AND DRAWING GARDEN PLANS , DECKING, PATIOS AND FLOOR PAVING ,LANDSCAPING AND CONSTRUCTION OF FISH PONDS,ORNAMENTAL GARDENS AND VEGETABLE GARDENS AT YOUR BACKYARDS FOR YOUR HEALTHY FOOD CONSUMPTION PURPOSES,PROVISION OF SKILLFUL GARDENERS,FUMIGATION ,SUPPLY OF LANDSCAPE AND GARDEN MATERIALS SUCH US TOOLS,FLOWERS,BLACK SOIL,FERTILIZER,CHEMICALS,DAILY GARDEN MAINTENANCE ,TREE FELLING AND HEDGE PRUNING ,FREE LANDSCAPING AND GARDENING CONSULTING ,CONSTRUCTION OF PUBLIC AND OUT-DOOR FUNCTION GROUNDS FOR WEDDINGS,GRADUATIONS,PARTIES, CHILDREN PLAY AREAS . NO NEED COMING TO US, JUST CALL AND WE WILL BE THERE!!!! HOW WE GO ABOUT OUR SERVICES Hello dear prospective client/customer, garden today is no longer just an extension to the house or a place to grow plants or flowers. It is a pleasure giving location. In short, it is a little paradise, a well-designed garden enhances the beauty of the home as well as its surrounding landscape, and it creates a joyful environment to spend time. It gives a sense of privacy and relaxation. It adds value to the house. Upon the receipt of your call, we try to know your property location by giving us the necessary guidelines and directions to the said place. When we get there, we take a look at the area, ask you certain questions on how you want your landscape and garden to look like, for what purpose, to accommodate how many people, what features you need in the garden, how beautiful you want your garden to be, do you have enough water, what size, etc After these questions, we take in-depth measurement of the entire housing area or building, send it to the office and translate all these measurement figures into a garden plan by designing and drawing it on a large piece of tracing paper, attach a cost estimate and present it to you at your home or office for consideration and approval. When you are satisfied with the drawing plan and its various designs coupled with the cost estimate, then we can go ahead with a schedule date as to when to start executing the project. We also agree on terms of payment which are flexible. TERMS OF PAYMENT AND CONDITIONS OF WORK. These terms and conditions apply to all our customers and clients. By awarding us the contract, it means you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. If you are unhappy with any aspect of these terms, then you should contact one of our customer service advisors for further clarification either by telephone on 024-4895539, or by email at evergreenlandscapeandgardens@yahoo.com 1. 60% down payment to start or upon the delivery of materials to the site. 2. 25% payment after completion of ground works and planting. 3. 15% payment during the 1st month of maintenance and cultural practices. 4. We accept cash and cheque payments. 5. A deposit amount of GH¢ 150 is necessary if client or customer request that the landscape or garden plan be left in their possession. If contract is awarded to us, the deposit will be deducted from total cost. 6. Three months of maintenance and cultural practices before handing over responsibility to the client. 7. Responsible for the replacement of dead plants or anything that goes wrong in the garden within the 3 month period.
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