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Company Name :   Evergreen Club of Ghana
Website :   http://www.evergreenghana.net
Address :   P. O. Box 168, Trade Fair Centre, La – Accra, Ghana
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Email :   [email protected], [email protected]
Phone :   00233 (302) 76 10 58
Fax :   00233 (302) 77 25 93


Evergreen Club of Ghana (ECOG) started in 1987 as an informal neighborhood tree planting initiative with school children from Burma Camp, a suburb of Accra, Ghana, and was aimed primarily at beautifying a few cluster of school compounds. It was known variously as “Tree Planting Children” or “Tree Planting Club”. Due to the enthusiasm shown by the children, teachers, and some parents, the activities of the Club spread to many schools and took different dimensions, notably, regular environmental education session, seminars and Eco-tourism with the school children on weekends and during school vacation. ECOG believes very much in the tremendous potential of the youth and children (creators of better tomorrow) which if appropriately harnessed could help create the awareness and right attitude towards protection, maintenance of a clean and healthy environment and sustainable development. ECOG has therefore identified the youth and children as major target groups, among the various publics, for its environmental awareness creation and education programmes as well as engaging them in practical tree growing activities.