Bortianor FishMongers and Fishermen Jobs in Ghana

Company Name :   Bortianor FishMongers and Fishermen
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Address :   Tsokome Bortianor
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Email :   [email protected]
Phone :   0243874686
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We are a community based organization known as Fishmongers and Fishermen’s Association registered in the Republic of Ghana with registration number G.17, 644. Our objective is granting soft loans to our members with over 85% as Fishmongers and Fishermen and the remaining 15% being traders with other skills to boost their fishing and trading businesses. We also educate our members on the need to send their children to school, we achieve this by inviting resource persons on education to come and give talks to our members non the importance of education and sending their children to school. Most of the women in Bortianor are single parents who lack the needed capital to boost their fishing business,so they find it difficult sending their children to school. Our sea-shore is filled with under-aged children who go there to help fishermen pull their boats from the sea back to shore so that they can get some fish to sell and use the money to buy food to eat. Our aim is to boost the business capital of the parents of these children so that they will be bale to make more money to send their children to school. We achieve this by granting loans for their fishing business