Job Vacancies in Ghana – The Story of a Ghanaian Gradate Looking for Jobs in Ghana

Job Vacancies in GhanaJob Vacancies in Ghana – The Story of a Ghanaian Gradate Looking for Jobs in Ghana

My name isTeodafi Emmanuel, a recent graduate from University of Ghana with a First Class major in Geography.
I heard during my student days of the trauma graduates go through to find Job Vacancies in Ghana. As scary as the stories may look, I ignored most of the gossips about changing course trends to increase one’s chances of landing a dream job. In my final year, due to the conquer of lack of Job Vacancies in Ghana, most of my Colleagues either read IT major or even deferred to read a more suitable course for the Job Vacancies in Ghana market.

Personally, it was terrible and waste of finance to change course or defer for the later part of my Education. I always believe situation surrounding Job Vacancies in Ghana will change when I graduate. During my graduation, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana gave advice to the graduating class to take to entrepreneurship since Job Vacancies in Ghana market is now very scarce due to economic hardship. That day, I was very happy not because of his speech but for the First Class honours bestowed on me. I had the opportunity to do my National Service in the Department and did not hassle for any Job Vacancies in Ghana saga.

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