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Can a Job Seeker Call the HR Manager after the Interview??

Posted by | May 5, 2013 | Interview Tips for Graduates

There are many reasons why following up after a job interview is so important to your success as a job seeker. Despite what you may believe about the entire interviewing process, what happens after the interview is just as critical to how things transpire before and during interviewing. For the person who wants to make a favorable impression with hiring managers and land a great new career, here are some reasons why follow up after a job interview can be advantageous to your job search.

Follow Ups Give You the Opportunity to Ask More Questions

One of the best reasons to follow up after a job interview is having a good reason to ask more questions about the job or company that you may not have thought to ask at the actual interview. During a job interview, it is easy to get a bit tongue-tied or caught up in the interview process and forget to ask a key question about the type of work you may be doing. Taking a few minutes to call the person who interviewed you or send a quick email can be a nice way to handle this and keep the lines of communication open with the person who may be making the decision to hire you.

Sending a Follow Up Message Helps Others Remember You

Another good reason to follow up after a job interview is to keep your name fresh in the mind of the recruiter or manager who interviewed you. Hiring managers often get bombarded with applications and resumes from job seekers along with the other demands of their jobs. It can be easy to forget whom they talked to or what was discussed during the interview, especially if multiple interviews are taking place. Sending a nicely written follow up letter is a great way to jog the HR person’s memory and will often prompt them to contact you for a second interview.

Follow Ups Demonstrate Your Professionalism

Besides helping the human resources department remember you, making the effort to follow up after a job interview helps you stand out amongst other job seekers in a professional manner. There are many candidates who won’t make this extra effort, so just by sending a well-written thank you note you will shine. The hiring manager will then be more apt to contact you to ask additional questions or to invite you for future job openings because he will see you are serious about your career aspirations.

Practicing Following Up Helps Build Confidence

It’s true that searching for a job can be a frustrating activity and over time can become hard on your psyche, especially when jobs seem scarce. However, you can take control of your career destiny by putting your best foot forward and taking the time to send a professional follow up letter as well as making reasonable follow up phone calls. This will lead to greater confidence, better interpersonal skills and a more positive outlook on your job search efforts.