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4 Reasons You Will NEVER Hear Back After A Job Interview

Posted by | June 5, 2015 | Interview Tips for Graduates

By Selipha Kihagi,

After that job interview, it is only normal that you are waiting for a response from the employer or recruiting firm. One week passes by, then two and you start wondering how you faired.

According to you, the interview went very well and you were promised a response in two weeks. Two weeks have elapsed, but you are still waiting for that call or email.

Here are 4 reasons you are still waiting to be contacted

1. You did not leave your contacts or the email address is wrong
Justus Ng’etich, an Account Recruitment Manager at Corporate Staffing Services says he has experienced two cases where good candidates missed the opportunity because they didn’t leave their contacts.

“A person drops their CV at our offices, they are asked to report for an interview on a certain day and time. They do well in the interview, but when you want to write to them or call to inform them they got the position, we realize they did not leave their contacts,” says Justus.

As a job seeker, you should always include ways in which you can be reached. Either a working phone number and email address or both. You must also ensure the contacts provided are correct.

2. You have not checked your spam box
The Spams box in your email account picks out incoming mails depending on the settings. This means even important emails could be sitting in your account, but since you do not constantly check the spam box, you end up missing out on the job opportunity especially if you can’t be reached by phone.

3. You brought your child to the interview
Ladies, please stop bringing your kids to the interview. You are already communicating that you can’t handle your personal problems and even if you do well in the interview, the recruiting officer or the employer may find it hard to hire you.
You will not be bringing your child to work so when you are faced with a situation where you cannot find a nanny or cannot afford day care, find a solution.

4. You have a bad phone connection or your phone was stolen
The recruiting officer or employer may have tried to reach you, but with your phone having been stolen, they found you unreachable or your phone was out of service. After leaving the interview, ensure your phone is with you at all times and that it has a good operator connection.

So, if you feel you have waited too long before getting a response and you don’t know your fate, make a call to them and ask to know what the situation is. But again, don’t become a bother with too many calls.