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The Truth About Being Fired

Posted by | September 16, 2014 | Graduate Article

Looking for a job especially after being fired is tough. One is never sure whether to reveal to the employer the reasons behind being fired as you do not know the repercussion it will have. The big question is do you cover it up and what happens when the employer does a back ground check on you?

This employee is in the dilemma; find out what caused her termination.

“Recently I was fired from my job for violation of code of conduct.  Before my coworker left the company, he gave me a cartoon of a child which apparently is offensive in the Indian culture

While my coworker was with the firm for a couple of years, it was never an issue. When I was not present at my desk due to surgery, apparently, an employee from India saw the cartoon and felt threatened by it. I am not looking for sympathy but I believe that I was targeted because of my vocal criticism of the poor management, but as an afterthought that was a stupid thing to do. I feel that I was targeted specifically.

After I was dismissed during my recovery from surgery, I decided to pursue my CPA. I am currently interviewing for jobs and they ask me the reason for my departure from my previous firm in late November.

I tell them about my pursuit of CPA and change in management, both which are true. However, I cannot bring up to tell them that I was fired.

I feel that if I bring that up, it will automatically disqualify me from the competitive jobs that I am seeking. I want to be honest but it really bothers me that I was fired. I am only 25 years old and have one and a half years of full time experience. What should I do? I know lying is wrong but how much can HR find out by calling the old firm which I worked for? I don’t know what to do. Thanks in advance.

What is your opinion? Should she risk not getting a job for covering the truth or should she stick with the ‘I left to pursue my education’ excuse which is partly true anyway.