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Top 5 Mistakes Ghanaian Job Seekers MUST Avoid

Posted by | August 11, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Sera Kazungu

Job searching is a technique that requires mastering, persistence and a lot of determination. Recently, I met a young man who told me that he had been job searching for 5 straight years and had come out empty. He then decided to stop job searching all together because of the frustration.

Are you a fresh job job seeker who has started feeling the frustration of not getting that dream job? Perhaps, you are approaching the job search all wrong.

Here is a list of common job searching mistakes that you need to avoid.

Top Mistakes That Job Seekers Make

1. Aimlessly looking for jobs
The truth of the matter is that everything you do needs to have a focus. To find a job that is just right for you requires that you plan ahead. Do not just look for any job as most job seekers do, look for ones that you actually qualify for.
Writing down a list of jobs will help you have more of a focus. You will use it as a checklist for jobs before you apply for them.

2. Not customizing your CV
The CV is the single most important document to have when you are looking for a job. The mistakes you can make on the CV are many, but none so bad as having a CV that does not do your experience any justice.

A CV needs to speak to a potential employer and tell them how good you are at what you do. Strive to tailor your CV specifically for that job that you are looking for. It could mean the difference in your job search.

3. Having too high expectations
The problem with new job seekers is that they are always too ambitious. In order to hope for a job, you need to keep your expectations to a minimum. The job market has a world of opportunities, but you have to be willing to start somewhere.

Big jobs and salaries will come to you sooner or later. For now, keep your search simple and open, do not be too choosy .

4. Forwarding the same applications to different companies
Sometimes, when you are sending multiple applications, you may be tempted to forward the same application to different companies over and over again. This is a wrong thing to do.

When making applications, keep each application as unique from the other as possible. It is unprofessional to keep forwarding the same applications over and over again. It speaks to the lack of seriousness of a candidate to employers.

5. Not networking
In the Ghanaian job market today, it is all about networking. You need you to identify networking opportunities and effectively utilize them. Identify people who have a pull in the job market and can ask as a referral when the time comes.

Do not be content with just sending out online applications. Getting out there to job search is also a great way to network as you get to meet many people, some of whom may be valuable in your search.

Do any of the mistakes apply to you? Change your job searching technique today and you just might land that dream job.

Wishing you the very best in your job search.