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Job Search Woes? 3 Ways You Are To Blame

Posted by | November 3, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Selipha Kihagi

No one likes to hear or be told they are the reason something they want is not working out for them. I don’t either. But let’s face it, to apply for a job and get it demands that you follow certain guidelines and avoid some careless mistakes that employers don’t condone.

It requires you to take your time to read through a job description before applying and following set instructions. A step by step guide is just another addition provided by career experts to ensure your application is successful. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you usually don’t get the job.

The same applies to the job search process. Finding jobs demands more than visiting a job website or browsing through the newspaper to see open opportunities. It is more than going to the jobs section on LinkedIn or following HR companies for opportunities. It requires more and more hard work, which we all want to avoid. The problem with job seekers is you want the easy way out.

How You Are To Blame For Failed Job Search

1. You are searching for ANY open jobs
As a job seeker, the one thing you want is a job. Most times you will not care for which opportunity as long as it’s a job you can do and get paid. There is nothing wrong with this, except the fact that you are probably not going to be considered for a job demanding 2 years experience when you have none or less than that. You are also not going to get that data clerk job without experience, even when you know very well, that you can do the job.

For you to find jobs, search for the ones you are qualified to do instead of just any open opportunity. Be specific; recruiters don’t know what you can do, they look at your papers.

2. You are too proud to seek help
The job market is ever-changing. What you thought worked 8 months ago is not what will work for you today, especially when companies are moving their business online. So, to be safe and increase your chances it would be wise if you reached out to someone for advice on how best to find jobs.

Today, there are endless career websites for that with updated information on what employers are looking for and where they are posting jobs. So, if you’ve been job searching a long time, employers don’t hate you, you are doing something wrong. Ask for help!

3. You are contacting recruiters in the wrong language
One way of finding jobs is keeping tabs on recruitment firms and even contacting recruiters directly to know if there are available jobs. Most recruitment firms will provide information on their recent jobs through their websites and even social media pages. But how do you get back to them for consideration?

At Corporate Staffing, I interact with recruitment managers and they are never short of complains about the language job seekers are using to contact them for jobs. Using short form is not acceptable; if you are serious about your job search always keep it professional. Even emails demand the use of English language as taught in class. Avoid short forms or being too informal.

Forget the economy for a minute, finding jobs is like an exam, you have to use what you have learnt prior if you are to pass. Sometimes you have to use a little imagination and logic, but you never assume.