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Job Hunting in January 2015 – 3 Things You Must Do Differently

Posted by | January 6, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Tabitha Makumi,

When you are a job seeker, you hope that the New Year will be kind to you than the previous one. You pray that for a change, you will get a call to prove that your diploma or degree wasn’t just for show.

“I have been tarmacking since I graduated in 2012 with a Degree in Business Administration from a top public university,” narrates Benjamin Wanga who adds that he didn’t think that his job search would take two whole years and still counting.

He shares that he hopes 2015 will be the year when he can finally say he has a source of income and finally move out of his parent’s house.

“I reckon I have to change my way of doing things to make that possible,” says the 23 year old.

1. Stop Waiting for the Dream Job to just ‘Happen’
“I think this has been my downfall since graduation,” narrates Benjamin who admits to disregarding promising opportunities because they did not his fit his dream job bill.

“For most graduates, we have the notion that just because we have a degree from a well known institution, that opportunities will just land on our feet without must of a hassle. In 2014, I had friends who would forward me vacancies that fit my academic qualifications like a custom made shoe but I thought them to be beneath me.”

He has however come to realize that nothing good comes easy. “I reckon I have to start somewhere and if I had applied for the said vacancies, I would not be in the same predicament I’m in right now.”

2. Admit I need professional help.
“I am more of an ‘I can do it all’ kind of guy and even though this is partially true, I need some help especially when it comes to writing my CV and cover letter.

He shares that during the December holidays, he got a new perspective after coming across a friend’s CV which had been professionally written.

“All along I thought my CV was a hot cake but it turns it is one big joke. Of course the format is right considering I have been reading numerous career articles but the content is bogus from all the copy and pasting I have been indulging in. It just doesn’t capture the professional in me.”

3. Be optimistic that something will come along.

“Of course this goes hand in hand with putting more effort in my job search and not just sheer wishful thinking.”

He shares that the right attitude will go along way in ensuring that he doesn’t hit rock bottom when it comes to depression.

“Of course it’s hard to remain positive when all you get is total silence from recruiters and if you are lucky enough you get a regret letter. If you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you know what I am talking about,” shares the 23 year old.

His advice to people going through the same ordeal “Stay busy, look for something to do in the mean time, take what you can get and remember it’s not the end of the world if things take a bit longer to work out.”