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“I Would Hire Anybody With A Great Attitude ” Meet Deputy CEO Of Access Bank

Posted by | October 21, 2014 | Graduate Article

Having to move to a new country with new culture could be scary and many would find it an uphill task to blend in. But for one Kris Senanu, the Ghanaian-born Deputy CEO of Access Kenya, it was an opportunity for him.

The motivational speaker and mentor tells K24 that he came for holiday at the age of 19 to join his father in Moi University, Eldoret for a few months.

He joined USIU for his undergraduate studies and started off with a 3 month accounting internship at Charles Wright Insurance Brokers firm
The deputy CEO reveals that he hated every moment of the internship.

“I couldn’t stand sitting behind the desk between eight and five looking at numbers generated by other people and was going to go to other pockets. However, the internship was good for me because it made me understand what I did not like in a work scenario,” he tells how we made it in Africa

He then quit his internship and went back to selling imported and second-hand clothes as he had done in university with an objective of making ends meet. In a recent interview by K24 he says that it did not last because he joined Swift Global as a Sales Advisor


Kris Senanu – Deputy CEO Access Kenya

“I got interviewed by the General Manager and he asked me two questions: Can you sell? I said Yes. ‘Prove you can sell’, he said. I said ‘well I would like to sell you a shirt’. So I sold him a shirt giving him features and benefits. He then asked, ‘Why did you sell me a shirt?’ ‘Being a general manager I would expect you to be wearing something better’ I said,” he narrates.

He started working the next day and in 5 years he rose to be the Sales and Marketing Manager at Swift Global and soon it was time for the next step.

In 2001, he partnered with other people to set up Access Kenya.

A lot of people think that he is a techie but he affirms he is chartered marketer.

His definition of a good marketer is, “It is more about understanding the brand, being passionate and making sure that that the awareness and visibility of the brand grows,” says the CEO who also has an obsession for cars.

And what kind of people would he hire?

“I would hire anybody with a great attitude whether it’s a marketer or accountant. A person with a first impression that is pleasant, engaging and has a right attitude towards life. Work is a part of a bigger thing called life; so attitude cuts across all fields,” he says.

The dotting father and keen mentor also reveals that he draws his inspiration from Donald Trump and Mandela.
His message to Africa’s aspiring business people and entrepreneurs?

“First I would say read. Sometimes you can’t get access to people, but there is so much wealth of knowledge in reading. Second, be confident to approach people who have done it. Those people typically do not have any issue telling you how to do it. Third, be passionate and go for it,” he concludes.