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Most Common Interview Mistakes People Make

Posted by | June 14, 2016 | Graduate Article

We all know that how hard is to get the job interview call and no job interview is flawless. We all do some mistakes in the job interview and the better practice for preparing ourselves is to learn from the other’s mistakes.

In this article, we are trying to focus on the most common mistakes anyone can make in an interview.

So here is the list of the most common interview mistakes, errors and blunders people make. Read them closely and avoid if you are making any of these mistakes as I had done many of them in the past.

  • Dressing inappropriately according to the workplace
  • Arriving late for the interview
  • Forgetting the name of the interviewer
  • Your mouth stinks (might be you were smoking cigarette outside office premises just before interview time)
  • Lack of a good preparation
  • Wearing shades in the office
  • Applying lots of deodorant or perfume
  • Wearing a Bluetooth earpiece
  • Speaking rudely to the receptionist or interviewer
  • Staring regularly at receptionist
  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack of research of the employer in advance
  • Forgetting to bring a copy of your resume
  • Bringing photocopy of your resume rather than printed version
  • Complaining that you are kept waiting
  • Taking the seat before your interviewer
  • Forgetting what you have written in the resume
  • Failing to highlight your achievement
  • Inappropriate body language
  • Failing to listen carefully what interviewer is asking
  • Not asking for clarification when you don’t understand the question
  • Not being prepared with the appropriate questions to ask in the end of the interview
  • Bad mouthing about your past employers
  • Lying about your experience, skills and knowledge
  • Talking too much or very less
  • Interrupting the interviewer in between of a conversation
  • Don’t tell personal stories when asked “tell me about yourself”
  • Too early to ask about the salary
  • Being unprofessional and non-serious while giving the interview
  • Not asking about the next interviewing process
  • Attending calls in an interview
  • Failure to show an interest in the job
  • Be honest and humble – Don’t be over-confident
  • Failing to show enthusiasm
  • Asking for job benefits very soon
  • Not able to convince why you are the best person for this job
  • Not preparing yourself to answer the regular questions
  • Not able to match the communication style of your interviewer
  • Yawning  and sitting in relaxed position
  • Bringing your parents or friends in an interview
  • Chewing gum or tobacco
  • Playing with your pen, pencils or paperweight
  • Bitting your nails
  • Always saying “hmmm”, “you know”, “actually”, “basically”
  • Sounding like you know-it-all
  • Offering to shake hands first
  • Shaking hands firmly or too weakly like a formality
  • Not able to make eye-contact or continuously making eye-contact with the interviewer
  • Becoming over defensive or angry
  • Not able to hide your nervousness
  • Explaining too much about why you want to left your last job
  • Sounding die-hard to get the job
  • Not asking the job details
  • Checking the time again and again
  • Forget to switch off the mobile or put it in silent mode
  • Sounding like that you are rehearsed too much (copy book answers)
  • Last but not the least, following up after the interview

So these are some of the most common interviews mistakes which we always do while giving an interview. So how did you do, have you committed any of these mistakes? This time try not-to-do all these mistakes if you don’t want to miss the opportunity and screw it up.

Finally, even if you were not able to make up the interview, don’t take it to heart. I think everyone in his or her life has been failed one or twice in an interview including me. So learn from your mistakes and look forward to the next opportunity.