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Be Careful in Salary Negotiation – 14 Things You Should Never Say

Posted by | October 7, 2014 | Graduate Article

Source: Business Insider

Ever attended an interview only to come out angry with yourself for not negotiating your worth the right way?

Well, if this sounds like you, here are 15 words and phrases that hurt most job seekers in their salary negotiation.

1.”I accept [the first offer].”
Remember: This is a negotiation, so be careful not to end it before it has even had a chance to start.

2.”I’m looking for X.”
Never throw out the first number. You want to leave room for discussion

A good negotiation strategy is to let the employer offer the first number. That puts you in a position to see the number they are offering and gives you the opportunity to negotiate it up from there.”

3.”That’s all you’re offering me?”
Never say this, or anything else that will offend the employer — even if you think the salary they’re offering is laughable.

In negotiations, you’ll have to be willing to be flexible and provide counteroffers when the offer isn’t in line with what you are seeking. By saying “no” you could be quickly closing the door on the offer at hand.

5.”I have other outstanding offers right now that are much more lucrative.”
Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t use “that card” to pressure the employer. Only discuss the offer at hand.

And if you don’t have another offer on the table, you’ll definitely want to avoid this tactic.

6.”Bottom line”/”This is my final/last offer.”
These phrases sounds like threats, and they typically close out the negotiation.

If you say any of these things, and the demand is not met by the employer, the negotiation will be over and you’ll have to be prepared to walk away.

7.”I know this may sound a little aggressive, but…”
If your rationale is based on fact, you should never have to preface your request with this type of disclaimer.

8.”I need…”
You should never say you need X amount more because of expenses or debt. Don’t bring in personal issues; this is about your merit and the job fit.

9.”I hate to have to ask for this, but…”
True, it might not be the easiest thing to ask for more money — but saying you “hate to have to do it” is a flat out lie. Plus, it’s just a really terrible way to preface the negotiation.

10.”The least I’d be willing to accept is X.”
If you tell them the parameters of the lowest offer your willing to take, that could be what you’ll get.

11. “Sorry”
Have confidence in yourself. If you know your value and what you’ll be bringing to the company, there will be no need to apologize for asking for more.

12. “But I’m worth so much more.”
Of course you’ll want to mention your value in a salary negotiation — but try to say it in a way that isn’t so obnoxious. You never want to come off as arrogant.

13. “You might not think I’m worth this, but…”
Just don’t. You want to be direct, polite, and concise in your negotiation to show that you are competent and a valued member of the team.

Have you ever used any of these phrases before?