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Best Job Interview Answer: “Why Do You Want To Change Careers?”

Posted by | June 21, 2017 | Graduate Article

Once you have gone through all the pointers necessary when making a career change, it is important that you consider what you will say about the change in a job interview. Being sure about the decision to change careers is one thing, but convincing new employers why it’s another story.

Potential employers will want to know why you decided to change your career path before they hire you, and if you have made such a move before, then it’s even more important that you have a good explanation.

So, what do you say when the interviewer asks the career change question?

How To Answer; Why Do You Want To Change Careers?

This question should not be hard to answer if you are sure of what you want and believe the job you are interviewing for is what you are looking for.

Your answer should focus on the transferrable skills you have. Ask yourself, what skills do you possess from your previous job that will be valuable in this new role? Once you are able to identify the key skills, tie them to your career goals and passion for this new job.

Employers will only hire you if they are convinced that your intended move will be of benefit to their company, not because you think it is right for you. This means that what you say in response to this question should address how your skills, passion and career goals relate to the open position.

If you are now moving into Accounting, an example of a good answer would be; “I have always been passionate about numbers and after doing research and talking to successful people in this field, I believe my analytical skills as well as my uptake of CPA classes will enable me to do well in this job. I have also volunteered in the Accounting department at XYZ organization and found the job fulfilling.”

Depending on what your driving force for this new career  is, the answer you give should be focused on demonstrating your current expertise and what you are willing to do to become a good fit for the position.

Avoid quoting boredom or salary as the reason you are leaving your former career, even if this happens to be true. Also, do not say you are trying your luck in a new career or you think the new move is best for you, this only puts you across as being unsure of what you want in life.