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Best Interview Answer: “What Have You Achieved Since Graduating?”

Posted by | September 8, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Selipha Kihagi

Human Resource experts and career coaches advice that the job searching process should begin early, when still in school so candidates are well prepared for the job search market. But this is not the case; most Ghanaian start their job hunt after graduation from college or campus.

Getting a job in the current market is becoming even harder, especially when most employers are looking to hire people with experience. They want to avoid the time and money taken in training new employees. For you to get jobs, you have to be prepared for the job market and know how to answer various interview questions.

How To Answer: What Have You Achieved Since Your Graduation?

To best answer this question, you need to first understand that the interviewer wants to see if you have been able to gain any kind of experience that could be helpful in the job. They are seeking your value.

“During the course of my work, I interact with fresh graduates and many are disappointed when I inform them that I cannot get them job placements. The number one reason is because they don’t have any work experience,” says Perminus Wainaina, a Recruitment Consultant at Corporate Staffing Services.

If you had an internship or was lucky enough to get a side job before graduating, then your answer should be focused on what you think was an achievement then. Remember that more certifications are not an achievement. If you worked in sales for example, how many clients did you bring to the company? Or what skills did you pick up in the job?

An answer would be; “I got an internship with XYZ Company in their sales department and was able to bring in (give number) clients for the time I was there. In my experience I also learnt how to deal with difficult clients and take advantage of opportunities.”

If haven’t had an internship or participated in volunteer then think about something you have done since graduating. The employer will not be looking to hire you if you have been watching movies, playing PS or browsing the internet doing nothing, identify something you have been part of.

If answering this question is still a problem, then it is time you took up an internship or offered to volunteer so you can gain experience required by employers today.