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Best Interview Answer : “Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?”

Posted by | July 27, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Selipha Kihagi

This question may come out as simple when asked during the interview and like any job seeker, the first thing that comes to mind would lie in the lines of ‘because you have an opening and I want a job’. However, no employer will take you seriously if you give such an answer, meaning you will have to think about the next thing you say very carefully.

Why? The hiring company or recruiting personnel wants an answer that shows you took the time to think about where you would want to grow your career and did not just wake up and send random applications to open jobs.

So, how best do you answer this question?

Despite how you choose to go about answering this question, the research you will have done on the company during preparation will come in handy to impress the hiring company. For a good answer, consider these approaches;

1. Impress with your knowledge about the company’s history
This is where you tell the interviewer a story of how you have seen the company grow and change over the years and offer a comment on what you think about the transitioning. Talk about how you first heard of the company and what you think about it now.

Showing you appreciate the journey organizations take to grow and have something to say about it makes the interviewer want to hire you.

2. Be unique in your answer
Your answer to this question should be unique for every interview you go to. This means that you should pick on something the company does different from others in its field that you feel strongly towards. It could be their office culture, dress code or even activities that you have an opinion about and believe makes better employees.

3. Talk about the future of the company
This has a similar result to addressing the company’s history, only you will now be giving your opinion on the road you think the company should take in it’s growth and your willingness to become part of that journey.

Through this, the employer will know that not only are you concerned about the company’s future but are also enthusiastic enough to want to contribute in the growth.

That said, a good answer should be something like, “During my research on the company, I was impressed on the future projects you have planned.(name one you were really interested in). I was also impressed by the current financial statement and culture of the organization. This is what I have been looking for, a company where my education, skills and experience can be of use.”

However you decide to answer this question, remember to demonstrate that you took time to identify with the company before applying.