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Be proactive. Choose your friends. Don’t let them choose you!

Posted by | May 30, 2013 | Graduate Article

What is your definition of reality? This may appear to be an insignificant question, but the truth is that your answer will indicate the direction the rest of your life will take.

Most people operate within their definition of reality. The illusion of reality is so widespread that it affects people from every walk of life.

A friend of mine who is a doctor once told me of a situation where a woman had been rushed to the hospital because she had been beaten up by a colleague at her place of work. When she got to the hospital, a female nurse overcome with emotion asked her: “How could you allow him to beat you when he is not your husband?”

For the nurse, her reality was that it was okay for the woman to be beaten by her husband.

Like the nurse, a lot of people are trapped in the prison of their reality. A child who grew up in an abusive home takes that as normal. People who live in extremely corrupt nations are surprised that there are countries with no corruption.

Reality is therefore often accompanied by values and moral justification, and as such, telling someone drop their reality is like asking them to change their religion.

How then to deal with our realities? Consider the following scenario:

Two people live in the same country. One says that the country is very poor and it is difficult to make ends meet. He has so many case studies to prove his point. The second person says that the economy is fantastic and that more millionaires have been created in the country than in all the neighbouring states put together. Now, which of these people is telling the truth?

Both of them have experiences and witnesses and these have formed their reality. The question then is: Is the reality of your past the reality you want in your future? If not, the good news is that you can change the reality of your future.

Your future starts with today. It is, however, important to note that those who do not tell their time where to go will ultimately wonder where it went. Similarly, those who do not plan for where their money will go before they get it will wonder where it went after they’ve lost it.

The experiences of your past have created images in your mind that have become the reality of your past. You can however create the reality of your future by painting new pictures in your mind.

No individual can rise above the pictures painted in their minds. Everything you do to raise the level of your thinking will ultimately raise the level of your life.

No one has a fixed status on earth. You can change your status continuously by investing in your mind. Your life will move in the direction of the dominant images you allow in your mind. You can control the direction of your life by the images you chose to put before you.

If you don’t take a stand against circumstances, circumstances will control your life and destiny. Focusing on a problem doesn’t solve the problem. Focusing on the solution does.

You can’t change what’s in your hand until you change what’s in your mind. When things are not working, look at your mind.

Create the right environment for your dream by being very selective about what you allow into your mind. If you allow images and words of mediocrity, they will form the picture that will shape the reality of your future.

What are you being exposed to right now? Who are you allowing to shape your opinions? Whether you realise it or not, you are being programmed for your tomorrow.

Be proactive. Choose your friends. Don’t let them choose you. Elevate your thinking by elevating your associations. Never forget that there is no advantage in being the brightest among fools or the most learned among the ignorant. Do have a very selective weekend.

By: Wale Akinyemi