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The 9 Attributes Every Employer Desperately Wants

Posted by | October 21, 2014 | Graduate Article

Source: Forbes

You have probably tried everything but it does not seem to impress the employers. Employers look at what you bring in so what makes someone “great?”

Here are 9 attributes employers desperately want from you

1. Extreme Reliability
It is rare to find true consistency, a person who delivers regardless of circumstance. She follows through, keeps her word, and makes things happen without regard for immediate personal gain. You can trust her with the day-to-day details — and your business.

2. Natural Curiosity
No one should ever be done learning, yet most people seem allergic to new ideas, approaches, and perspectives. Naturally curious people don’t need to be “motivated” to learn or wait for “company training.” Lifelong learning creates unending relevance. It enables realizations, transformations, and value creation.

3. Grounded Positivity
True positivity is a resilient fortitude, only mildly tempered by reality. It is not a facade of happiness, but the deeply held belief that you can make a difference. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

4. Uncompromising Excellence
“Good enough” is the enemy of great. It allows corners to be cut, excuses to be made, and opportunities to be lost. Excellence requires a frustrating amount of caring and an uncompromising approach. It also produces outrageous amounts of value. People who are committed to excellence create better products and services than their competitors — and, more importantly, than they did the day before.

5. Unlimited Versatility
Unforeseen circumstances constantly arise that require diverse sets of skills. Versatility means leaving your job description and comfort zone and doing whatever is needed to maximize value creation. People who say “That’s not my job” don’t have jobs for long.

6. Self-Awareness
Understanding your own thoughts, skills, emotions, and motivations is critical. Self-awareness aligns your strengths with organizational needs and helps you mitigate your weaknesses, creating a confidence that will inspire others.

7. Quality Communicator
Speak clearly. Write concisely. It’s not complicated, yet it’s all but impossible for most. Quality communicators are transparent, yet tactful; eloquent, yet not condescending.

8. Philosophical Anchoring
Do you know you? Why do you make decisions? What is important? What makes you happy? If you don’t know, you either have to spend a large amount of time analyzing and deciding, or you’re consistently inconsistent. Either option is a bad one for you.

9. Creative Problem Solving
Life is packed with problems. Do you attack each with creativity and zeal, or continuously follow well-worn paths created by hordes before you? Do you search for the best solution for you, regardless of how it’s panned out for — or been viewed by — others before you?

Life is a learning process. No one comes naturally endowed with the complete package, and rarely does someone achieve mastery of all these attributes.

Take aim at what you want to become, and consistently work hard to get better. Joy is in the toil.