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6 Things You Must Do Before Sending Out Your Job Application

Posted by | August 10, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Selipha Kihagi

Getting a job in Ghana is as hard as it comes, so when you get one that you are well qualified for, you might rush into sending your CV and Cover Letter without much consideration for other factors. These factors could influence how the employer or recruiting officer vets you for the position.

For this reason, if you want a successful application, it is important that you take into consideration a few things before you attach your CV and Cover Letter and hit that send button or click on the Apply button.

What you must do before sending out your application

1. Tailor your CV and Cover Letter to suit the position
Yes, you are well qualified for the position but does your CV confirm that fact? Most job seekers are missing out on jobs because what they believe are their qualifications is not being communicated in their documents.

Remember the employer will judge your suitability depending on what you present to them, so make sure it’s appropriate to the job and company.

2. Search yourself your Google
Your online presence is a key determinant to your employer. While not all employers may turn to Google to consider you for the position, the majority number of them will take the time to see what they can find about you online.

Why? For one, it is an easier way to confirm that you are who you say you are, as the search will bring out your Facebook profile, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other publications you may have done online so make sure you control what others can find. Take advantage of this by putting all your profiles up to date and professional.

3. Do some research on the company
This is not the research before a job interview, No! This research entails you looking at their office location and culture, check out their turn over rates and try and find out what people are saying about the company.

Do not be quick to apply for an opening just because it’s available, be sure it is the kind of company you would want to work for and the position is appropriate for your career growth.

4. Check out for careless mistakes
This is where you go through your documents to ensure there is not typo because sometimes missing out on a letter can communicate something totally different. Do not assume that the spell check on your 2013 Ms word will do it for you, if you have used spell check with new smartphones you know they can embarrass you easily.

Look out for simple errors yourself to make sure it is without mistakes.

5. Find out the recruiting manager’s name

Knowing who the application is going to will give you an edge over other applicants. Why? Because everyone likes being addressed by their name or at least their gender. No one likes to be mistaken for someone else or generalised – even you. So, try and find out the name and use it in the salutations.

You might not always be successful on this one, but it won’t hurt that you tried.

6. Consider what you want to say in the email
Some people will apply to jobs by just uploading their CV and Cover Letter and including the most inappropriate of subjects. If a job ad gives you what to include in the subject line, then do exactly that and if they don’t, let the person receiving the mail know the position you are applying for.

Also, do not say dear sir or dear madam if you are not sure who will read it, instead just say Good Morning or afternoon. It’s more kind and relative.

When applying for jobs, there is a very small window allowed for mistakes, sometimes there is not even one. So, be very careful.