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5 Ways to Resurrect your Career after Long-term Unemployment

Posted by | May 4, 2016 | Graduate Article

Choosing a way to revive one’s career is something that many people are faced with after a long-term period of unemployment. Picking up where you left off from your last job can be a challenge given reason that you’ve been out of the workforce for a while and may be out of sync with routine or duties you previously had to fulfil. In the process of finding a new job and trying to get your career back on track takes a great deal of commitment. In the effort not to remain in the shadow of a prolonged unemployment, here are five ways to resurrect your career:

1.    Know your Career Goals

Before trying to get back on track, be sure you’re heading in the direction you envisioned. If you know where you want to be and what you want to achieve then it will make the steps moving forward much smoother. Having a clear sense of what you want will make it easier to target your efforts towards specific positions and companies. It may also be helpful to do a career assessment to confirm you are on the right path, along with reflecting if you want to continue in the same career field or if the time has come to make a career change.  

2.    Assess your Strengths and Weaknesses

Having a strong sense of yourself is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. If you have knowledge of this, you will be confident in saying what skills and qualities you are able to offer. Being able to present yourself as an asset (to the company), will make you highly considered candidate. But to better yourself further, you also need to adopt a critical perspective of the employer and identify things (of yourself) that might pose as a negative and fix them.

3.    Stay active and Informed

Stepping away from the “unemployment zone” is marked by the willingness to stay active and informed in pursuit to broadening your knowledge about your career field. Continuing to learn or get involved in something practical is not only beneficial for your résumé but for your personal growth as well. Job seekers should be prepared to explain what you’ve done in keeping busy since your last job. It is therefore advisable to absorb as much news and current on goings (especially in your specific career), volunteer in your area of expertise or even give some freelance work a chance. Make the effort to show what you have done for your career!

4.    Access your Networking Skills

Now is the best time to be networking with new or familiar people who might be able to open a job opportunity door for you. When people get to know you or get reacquainted with you, they are more likely to refer opportunities your way. Thanks to the Internet, networking does not have to be done face-to-face at all times, the business networking portal LinkedIn allows you to join groups in your career field or to connect with past colleagues.

5.    Show your Confidence

Having a lack of self-confidence is where many job candidates go wrong. It is no delusion that unemployment can take a toll on one’s self-image but getting defensive or apologetic about it won’t benefit anyone. Self-confidence comes from within; external factors