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5 Things To Do After A Job Interview Invitation

Posted by | June 27, 2016 | Graduate Article

Any job seeker would say that the best phone call they are keen to get is a job interview invitation from a potential recruiter. Such a call comes with a mixture of feelings, coupled with anxiety and sometimes overboard expectations. Above all, it comes with the need to prepare well for the interview.

According to Melody Mwendwa, Career Advisor at Corporate Staffing Services, there are step by step things that any job seeker wishing to succeed must adhere to.
“They revolve around general preparedness and they ensure that you are not nervous in the interview room. They actually help you fit in the company’s ideal candidate,” Ms Mwendwa says.

Step By Step Things To Do After Job Interview Invitation

Ms Mwendwa advises on the to-do list of things as a way to prepare for interview after any job interview invitation. She divulges that such are the things that boost your confidence and also help you master what the organization is looking for.

1. After Job Interview Invitation, Understand Your Job
The recruiter will definitely search in you someone that is able to perform the tasks on the job description.

Do you know what your job entails?
It is likely that you will be informed of the position you are to be interviewed for in the job interview invitation. There are instances, however, in which as a job seeker, you might have made various applications with the same job but in different companies. Most job seekers do this. Companies however give varied descriptions for a particular job. Ensure that you understand what the job you are to be interviewed for entails so that you know the exact skills to talk about in the interview room.

2. Master your CV
“There are candidates who say totally different things from those entailed in the CV, which brings out conflicting perceptions about you during the interview. Master your CV to ensure its relevance to the particular job and go ahead to tell the recruiter the information they can also see on your CV,” Ms Mwendwa says.
This is definitely a part of preparation that is overlooked by most job seekers- taking time to go through their CV. You don’t want to forget your skills and achievements and start giving information that can’t add value to your interview.

3. Understand the company
There are many things that you must do in your bid to understand the company extending the job interview invitation. Ms Mwendwa hints on understanding the company location and generally its working culture.
“Some job seekers err when they call the company a few minutes before the interview only to ask where the company is located. It shows lack of seriousness on the part of the job seekers,” she reveals.

Much as some recruiters would send you an email or phone text describing their location, you might be required at one point of your job search to look for the company yourself. Nowadays, job seekers are lucky to locate most of companies from their websites. Make a point top search on the internet at least a day before the interview.

In addition, find the company’s website and gather as much information as possible that you need to know about the organization. It is here that you can get the clues about the company’s working culture, its core values and objectives and find a way to fit in.

4. Prepare what to bring After Job Interview Invitation
Know what you will be required to bring in the interview room. Some recruiters will give you a list of the things to carry in to the interview, other will not. Ensure you stick to the instructions.

Where you are not tied to the recruiter’s requirement however, carry the following job interview basic materials.

  • Your CV
  • Original certificates and their copies
  • A notebook
  • A pen
  • What you choose to bring also depends on the job you are being interviewed for. Legal professionals for instance can bring along their own copy of the constitution.
  • You can choose to carry anything else bound to make you comfortable for the interview.

5. Prepare what to wear
Run through your wardrobe for the best outfit that suits the interview. Settle for a professional one that includes a decent suit. Your choice of shoes and handbag should work for you too. Don’t make this a last minute rush as inappropriate dressing lowers your confidence during the interview.

Have you received a job interview invitation? Well, the above tips will aid you in your job interview preparation. All the best.