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5 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Posted by | June 18, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Sera Kazungu

Do you have that overwhelming feeling to just up and leave your job? Is it very frustrating for you? You are not alone. From time to time, workers tend to feel exhausted by their jobs for one reason or the other.

“Handing in your resignation is something everyone will face at one time or another and it is important that you are aware of how and when to resign and how to do it  with tact and diplomacy.”Says Perminus Wainaina, a recruitment manager at corporate staffing services.

How do you know when it is time to leave a job? The following are reasons why you really should consider resigning from your job.

1. If you lack the passion
Have you lost the passion to perform your duties at work? Perhaps it is time for you to resign from your job. A lack of passion leads to unproductivity and chances are, if you don’t resign, you will eventually get fired.

Find a job that you are happy to do. This job will bring out the best of your skills and pay you both in
cash and experience.

2. If you are not growing with the company
If you find yourself stagnated at your job, you need to look at the reasons why. Is the company not giving you a chance to learn new skills? Then it is time for you to resign that job and find a new one.

A team should consist of members who have equal say and an equal opportunity. Does your opinion
ever matter? Are your ideas ever implemented? If not, this is your time to resign. No one should be
made to feel like their opinions are unwarranted.

3. If  your Job affects your health
In as much as you need to carve a living, it is not worth it to stay at a job where your health is compromised on a day to day basis. Be at a job that adds value to your life; both financially and wholly.

4. If you live for the weekend
Do you find yourself constantly wishing that it was the weekend? If yes, this is a sign that you hate your job. It could mean that you just go to work for the sake of it. This could make your superiors find your work lacking and you could end up getting fired.

Before that happens, you should just resign your job.

5.  If you do not respect or look up to your boss
Let’s be realistic here, if you have no respect for your boss, you will never feel inclined to do as they say. Everything that they do will be met with criticism and this may end up making you bitter and resentful. If you have reached this point in your job, respectfully resign before you end up in a tight situation.

Do not wait for things to go from bad to worse at a job before you start considering a change. In the
end, it’s never that serious.