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5 Best Ways To Dress For A Job Interview

Posted by | December 7, 2015 | Graduate Article

In a job interview, you only get to give one impression as far as image and presentation is concerned. Your grooming creates an image of your personality. Therefore, you need to dress in a way that you present yourself as the best fit for the job.

Getting the right outfit can be frustrating, that’s why we are here to help you. Read the following 5 tips to help you get the right idea of how you should dress for your next interview

5 tips on how to dress for success

1. Your dressing depends on the industry
How you dress for an interview majorly depends on the kind of job you are applying for as well as their Corporate culture. A suit is not necessarily the best choice for any interview.

If you are applying for a job in financial services, then you’ll be required to be in a suit. On the other hand, if you applied for a mechanic position, dressing in a suit would be quite inappropriate.

The dressing code for an Insurance company would definitely be different from a Telecommunications company. Understand the culture of the company before you dress in a manner that would make you feel out of place and uncomfortable.

2. Dress in clothes that fit you well
Don’t be one of those candidates who attend interviews dressed in clothes that are either one size smaller or one size larger than them.
For ladies, don’t put on a tight skirt that makes it hard for you to move around, or a short skirt that you’ll have to keep pulling it down. For men, put on a suit that fits you well that you don’t have to keep adjusting your belt all the time.

3. Be Always Neat in a Job Interview
Don’t attend an interview with wrinkled clothes. Clean and press your clothes the day before the interview. Nothing turns off interviewers as an unkempt candidate. Hygiene and good grooming is essential. Avoid flashy jewelry.

4. Wear comfortable shoes
Interviews tend to take longer than intended. Put on shoes that can allow you to stand for long hours. It’s inappropriate to attend an interview with the shoes you would probably wear to a club.

A reasonably heeled shoe is flattering and helps you present a professional image. Again, if the company allows casual dressing, then you have more options than those in the corporate world.

5. Avoid strong Fragrances and perfumes
Some people are allergic to strong scents. So keep this in mind when dressing for an interview. Avoid the use of strong scents that can cause an allergic reaction and have the panel sneezing their guts out.

Use this 5 tips to ace your next interview.