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4 Things That Turn Off Employers In A CV

Posted by | September 18, 2015 | Graduate Article

By Sera Kazungu

Have you sent multiple CVs to employers , but have never heard back? It is the most frustrating thing sending an application for a job that you feel overqualified for and yet receive no response.

Most times, the contents of your CV are what will convince the employer to either consider your CV or bin without a second thought.

The key to a presentable CV is consistency in terms of formatting and fonts. Organization is key to an attractive CV,”says Melody Mwendwa, a career advisor and professional CV writer at corporate staffing services.

Things That Put The Employer Off With Your CV

1. Your experience and the job do not relate.

Are you an entry level job seeker applying for a managerial job? Be realistic in your applications. Avoid making thousands of applications for the jobs that you know you do not have the qualifications for. Employers find this habit annoying.

Be careful not to do this very often as with time, you will develop a bad reputation a branded a joker in the job market.

2. Poor Formatting

Is the font in your CV all over the place? Do you have a mix of calibri, aerial and times new roman for creativity? It is time to introduce your CV to consistency. Choose just one format and stick to it. Do not add color or calligraphy to your document.

3. Inappropriate Email addresses

You know that email address that you created when you were young and without a care in the world?  Employer do not like them, especially in a case where you are applying for senior management positions.  The likes of [email protected], [email protected] etc.

If you are still using these email addresses it is time to grow up, trash them and create new professional email addresses that will depict you as being professional and mature.

4. Head Shots/pictures

Has someone told you that the current CV trend is attaching your photo on the CV? This is not advisable unless the company you are applying for has specifically asked you to attach a photo.

Photos put employers in difficult positions as they put themselves up for questions about discrimination in all forms.

Stick to these simple tips and maybe your CV will receive more attention and consideration the next time you apply for a job.