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3 Things To Never Wear In A Job Interview

Posted by | November 9, 2015 | Graduate Article

In a job interview, just one wrong impression can blow your chances of ever getting that job. Regardless of how perfect your CV is, first impression matters and what you wear should be carefully put into consideration.

If you have been lucky enough to be invited for an interview, this is what you need not wear under all circumstances.

What Not To Wear In A Job Interview

1. Clothes That Do Not Fit Well
The kind of clothes really matter and will speak for you in the interview. It is better to wear fitting clothes than putting on attires that look too loose or too tight. Sometimes in the real world trying something too hard is likely to ruin everything.

For ladies, avoid wearing short skirts and dresses that will give you hard a time sitting which would be really annoying to the recruiter.For the men, avoid wearing a suit with loud, obnoxious colors, busy-printed shirts or overly patterned ties. Take the conservative approach, and save the fun stuff for after you’ve got the job.

2. Excessive Accessories
They say that too much of anything is likely to attract unnecessary attention. It might be understandable that you may want to make a statement with your new jewellery but save it for evening parties.Another thing is to avoid wearing too much makeup because you don’t want to scare the interviewer.

Strong cologne is a no-no to an interview because there are people with allergies to certain kinds of perfume and your interviewer could be one of them. To avoid giving your potential employer an allergy, keep your precious perfume for your night out with friends.

3. Flat, Fancy Or Unusual Shoes
When it comes to shoes, opt for a more professional look by wearing a shoe with a considerable heel for the ladies. However, you should limit the heel length to no more than three inches so as to ensure you have a business look.
Nothing can go wrong with polished shoes for men as opposed shoes which are worn out or show signs of wearing and tearing.

Fancy shoes may look appealing when attending a party but a very wrong choice when you wear them on the interview. Be as simple as ever and look for shoes that have a neutral effect and do not attract a lot of attention.

All the best in your next interview.