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3 Best CV Writing Tips For Fresh Graduates

Posted by | April 25, 2016 | Graduate Article

“I just graduated from campus and don’t know how to express my capability when writing my CV, how should I go about it?” Asks Penina Njeri.

This is one of the challenges that face most graduates once they are done with their college education and are seeking for employment.

Here are some tips to guide you in structuring your CV at this level.

CV Writing Tips for Graduates in Kenya

1. Lean Towards A Simpler CV Version.

“At this level, it is advised to keep your CV simple, since you do not have the experience yet,” says Mellodee, a professional CV writer at Corporate staffing. In this case, they will be putting emphasis on their other outstanding qualities.

2. State A Clear Objective.

When stating your objective, make it simple and direct. Since you are aspiring to start your career state what you want to do or why you are applying. For example, “Seeking an entry level position in accounting.”

3. Include your Internship Experience

That three month attachment period in your second or third year in college is not insignificant, on the contrary, it means a lot in selling yourself. It might be short but it served to expose you to the industry you want to join

4. Highlight Your Educational Qualifications.

Highlight on your qualifications and in cases of exemplary performance, make sure you include it. This may be in the form of honors in your performance.

5. Extracurricular Activities.

During your stint in college, there are certain activities that are of additional value in as far as your CV and career goals are concerned. That AISEC role you held, that Red Cross activity you participated in, that CIPA role you played all add value to your CV.

Remember to structure all this in line with the career you are applying for. Do not highlight on any achievement, skill, or activity that does not relate to the Job you are applying for.