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2 Smart Ways To Balance Going Back To School While Working

Posted by | September 23, 2015 | Graduate Article

“I have been thinking of going back to school while working. Is it possible to achieve a balance between the two?” asks Mary Mwikali in an email.

Nowadays, a lot of working professionals have decided to go back to school while working. It might seem difficult but when approached through the right way, it can be manageable.

What does one stand to gain in juggling school and work at the same time?

Well, it turns out that going to school while working will definitely add a lot of value to your career. According to Justus Ng’etich, a recruitment Account Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, one stands to gain in terms of working experience as well as your educational requirements.

“Gaining work experience while at the same time studying will put you ahead of this competitive job market,” he says.

So, how do you balance doing your job while going back to school?

If you are thinking of getting that degree or an MBA but not sure on how to balance it, the following tips will help you overcome this challenge.

How To Balance School While Working

1.  Let Your Boss Know About It
Don’t even think about trying to keep your boss in the dark regarding your school matters. This will only lead into misunderstandings and even put your job at risk.

Sit down with him or her and explain your current situation. You might be surprised to find out that he is very open and can support you along the way.

Also, there might be times where you will need a day or two off if you need to sit for your examination. Letting your boss aware beforehand will ensure you have a smooth running both at work and at school.

2. Pick Classes Which You Can Comfortably Manage
While going to school, it is very important to accept reality that you have a career to manage.

As opposed to studying many units, identify the ones you can easily manage. This will make it less overwhelming and also ensure that you are productive at work. Besides, you would want your boss to think the reason you are not performing is because of your school work burdens.

Either way, don’t focus on one side too much and lose sight on the other. For this reason, time management is important to consider when you’re trying to juggle work and school.

It may be challenging, but consider it as a rewarding move in the near future. Use the above tips and get ahead in your career. All the best