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Telecom Engineer Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Samples

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Engineering Cover Letter

Box 32, Main Street

Nairobi Kenya



Mr. Tulling Paul

Human Resource Manager

Vodafone International


Dear Mr. Tulling

Re: Telecom Engineer

I am applying for the position of a Telecom Engineer at Vodafone International as advertised recently on JobWebKenya platform. I am a Telecommunication Engineering graduate from Lancaster University with ten years’ experience with MTN as a Communications Engineer in charge of Network Operations.

With regard to this job position, my qualification is a perfect fit. I have experience in creating I-SPECSs and order equipment cables for IP networks, project-specific installations, engineering database ICON, CCP and using CISCO switches and routers

I possess a strong technical and project management capabilities as well as excellent PC and Software application skills, including but not limited to windows and MS Office 365. I am highly motivated for this position, customer focused with proven trend of organizational and leadership skills to push all projects co completion using solution-driven analysis, superior communication and project methodology

Attached to my technical excellence is my ability to liaise effectively with all team members and colleagues. Clients are always my numbers one priority and have learnt throughout my corporate life to develop a strong communication and interpersonal relationship with them.

I am excited of the prospects at Vodafone International and look forward to the opportunity to meet you and further elaborate on my experience as a Telecom Engineer.


Yours Sincerely,

Mark, Smith

Job Descriptions of a Telecoms Engineer

Telecommunication Engineering is derived from Electrical Engineering discipline and a leading emerging field in Engineering. The work of a Telecom Engineer varies from basic circuit design to power optimization. As a Telecoms Engineer, one should be able to design complex electronic systems. It is also important as a Telecoms Engineer to build systems for effective communication.

To become a Telecommunications Engineer, the individual must be good in Mathematics and Physics. The core module of Telecom Engineering is based on Physics and Communication. For Undergraduate Studies, degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science are effective blocks.

As a Telecommunications Engineer, one is tasked with the ability to design networks, depending on the protocol and the broadcasting equipment to be used. The working environment of a Telecommunications Engineer usually work in the office with occasional outdoor cable operations. The working condition of a Telecoms Engineer is excellent but they usually work also on weekends and peak times.

A Telecommunications Engineer must be current with technology especially in mobile telephony and networking since this is one of the emerging field in the world. One can work in career prospects such as:

  • Mobile telephony and communications
  • Remote sensing, digital control and measurement
  • Data networks and voice communications modules
  • Media Communications especially TV and Radio
  • Remote sensing, controls and digital systems

A Telecommunications Engineer is expected to be Technical with logical approach to solving problems. In Addition, good team work and great organizational skills is also expected of a Telecommunications Engineer.

As a form of Job Description, Telecommunications Engineers are expected to:

  • Maintain the quality of the network by continues troubleshooting and maintaining possible network outages especially during peak hours
  • Design and plan networks depending on population count of a particular area.
  • Designing networks to meet customer satisfaction. The Telecoms Engineer is expected to listed to a customer before embarking on his or her projects
  • Testing of circuit boards, equipment and rectifying any anomaly during operations